Wild chimpanzees learned how to crack open tortoises — and they’re sharing the knowledge among themselves

Cracking open a turtle-y one with the boys.

Bonobos may get disgusted too — which may help trace the origin of this behavior in humans

Our primate cousins seem to get grossed out as well.

Though still stronger than humans pound-for-pound, chimps aren’t really ‘superstrong’

Latest research offers insight as to why humans are such weaklings.

If you want a glimpse of an ancient human ancestor, the bonobo might be the closest you’ll get

Our cousin, the bonobo, has remarkably changed very little. Anatomically, they’re the most similar to a common ancestor out of all the apes.

Chimps use dipping sticks to harvest water from tree holes. They’re the only ones that can reach the resource

Researchers say these chimps have a ‘drinking culture’.

Male chimps can be both players and good father, new study finds

Just because they enjoy the opposite sex doesn’t mean they’re bad dads.

Chimps interbred with bonobos, surprising study reveals

Just like humans and Neanderthals interbred, so too did chimps and bonobos.

How a touch screen helped a disabled chimpanzee walk again

An amazing story that might shift the animal care paradigm for the disabled.

Do chimps have accents? New research casts doubt on it

A study published by British researchers caused a storm among biologists; the question on everyone’s lips – do chimps have accents?

Chimps enjoy the movies just as much as we do

A video of an ape, breaking out of its cage and attacking; the victim — a human scientist, that picks up a small red hammer and defends himself, battering the primate ran amok. It sounds like a pretty gruesome video, bound to have animal right’s activists redouble their efforts to see the heartless jailers brought to justice. But hey, wait a minute… Apes don’t wear sneakers.

Ancient shoulders point to our ape past

A new study shows that evolution’s burden is distinctly visible on our shoulders – literally. Our shoulders are surprisingly similar to those of orangutans, as opposed to those of our closest relatives, chimp. This may have an important significance on our evolution.

Some chimps like to drink alcohol habitually. “So, a chimp walks in a bar…”

It’s nothing new to hear about chimps or monkeys drinking alcohol, most often stolen from unsuspecting tourists, but a new research which documented the chimpanzees of Bossou, south-eastern Guinea, for the past 17 years found some engage in habitual drinking. It’s the first evidence of habitual drinking outside humans. Like humans, some enjoy the brew more often than others, while some totally abstain from the habit.

Chimps cook if given the chance, study shows

Chimps not only have the brain power to understand the concept of cooked food, but they are willing to delay eating raw food if they know they can cook it. This highlights impressive cognitive abilities, such as the foresight and patience to resist their urge of eating food.

Handy women: females are better than male at DIYs – at least in chimps

In most cultures, men are typically regarded as handy and it’s usually up to them to do the handy work – it’s quite a stereotype actually, but I think it’s among the few that really stick; but a new study reveals that women may actually be much more well suited for that job. Female chips were observed building and using

Chimp gesture language translated – they’re the only ones besides humans to intentionally communicate

If you’ve ever watched chimps during a nature program and became startled by your own empathy towards them, you’re not alone. It’s no secret that chimps are our closest relatives out of all primates, having 98% similar DNA. It goes further than genetics – it’s enough to look a chimp in the eye. The reflection is more than a physical mirror; there’s

Abstract art painted by chimps to be auctioned. Raises awareness on lab cruelty

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), recently initiated a bold and creative project in which they enlisted six member organizations of the North American Primate Sanctuary Alliance. HSUS asked the organizations if they would each submit a piece of art made by chimps belonging to their respective sanctuaries. In the end, some pretty creative and expressive pieces of art

Chimps also ‘think about thinking’ akin to humans

Our close primate relatives, chimpanzees, have been constantly amazing us with their incredible cognitive abilities and personality traits that are so similar to our own. If you believe much of what you undertake today is limited to human cognition only, think again. Chimps do it too – thinking about thinking that is, as the findings of a recent research by

Medical research on chimps will no longer be performed

Concluding a debate which lasted for over 7 months, the US Institute of Medicine has released a report that marks a turning point for chimpanzees, our closest relative, in terms of medical research. The panel laid out some stringent rules against all current and future chimp research, installing some dramatic penalties to those who disobey. This result comes mostly as

New research shows chimps are self-aware

Until recently it was considered that only humans have the ability of being aware of the fact that they exist as an individual, but studies show that chimps as well as dolphins share this ability. A recent research revolving around chimps strengthens the idea and shows that our close relatives are indeed self-aware and can anticipate the consequences of their