Oldest black hole found by astronomers — the gargantuan object lies 13 billion light years away from us

It’s the farthest, oldest, and perhaps most mysterious object we’ve ever discovered.

Astronomers are on the lookout for low-frequency gravitational waves generated by merging supermassive black holes

An ingenious technique could enable us to witness some of the strongest gravitational waves.

Researchers find tantalizing evidence of mid-sized black hole in the Milky Way

If confirmed, this could indicate a remarkable progress in modern physics.

Supermassive black hole spotted struggling with its galactic meal

Sometimes, even a black hole can choke on its meal.

Orbiting supermassive black holes confirmed by astronomers for the time

This is one slow dance.

Physicists make waves by simulating black hole in a bathtub

Your childhood fantasies weren’t all that off.

Nothing can escape a black hole’s clutch — and this proves Einstein’s Theory of Relativity (again)

Ready to sink your teeth into some black holes?

For the first time ever, we’ve seen a black hole being silently born — no supernova required

Why blow up when you can mass up?

Radio observatory equivalent to the size of Earth sets its gaze to the center of the Milky Way to image a supermassive black hole

This was thought to be impossible to undertake until not too long ago.

Supermassive black hole dislodged from its galactic throne travels at 5 million mph

In the aftermath of a titanic galactic battle, a merged black hole caused some waves.

Researchers found a supermassive black hole choking on its meal


To birth supermassive black holes in the early universe, some galaxies may have had to be sacrificed

A new study offers an unorthodox explanation for how supermassive black hole formed in the early Universe.

Astronomers discover the first “middleweight” black hole

Many more might be lurking in the galaxy.

You can’t see a black hole but this timelapse is the next best thing

And things are about to get even more exciting.

Astronomers may have discovered a new cosmic phenomena — and we don’t really know what it is

What we do know is that it blasts enormously powerful X-rays into the void.

A monster supermassive black hole was surprised feeding on an unusual supper: cold gas

Astronomers used to think black holes feed exclusively on a hot gas and dust, but it seems they sometimes like to go out for ice cream.

New algorithm will allow us to finally visualize black holes

We may actually get to see a black hole!

Supermassive blackholes are giants from birth

At the heart of virtually every galaxy, including the Milky Way, is a supermassive blackhole that’s anywhere from hundreds of thousands to billions of times more massive than the sun. How these cosmic bodies start off is still a subject of debate.

AstroPicture of the Week: Black Hole and Galaxy

  NGC 5195 and the Whirlpool Galaxy comprise one of the most noted interacting galaxy pairs in astronomy. The two galaxies are connected by a dust-rich tidal bridge. The dust in this tidal bridge can be seen silhouetted against the center of NGC 5195. This demonstrates that NGC 5195 appears to lie behind the Whirlpool Galaxy.

Black holes store information as holograms at the event horizon, says Stephen Hawking

Nothing can escape a black hole, not even light, any scientists schooled in modern physics will tell you. Eminent British physicists, Stephen Hawking, suggests however that information is still retained at the boundary of black holes, known as the event horizon.