This video ISS astronauts shot of the norther lights is just the thing to brighten up your day

Nature, being ridiculously cool since forever.

On Mars, auroras are blue and visible to the naked eye. Here’s a simulation

Mars has auroras too, and in addition to the red and green tinted Northern Lights here on Earth, these also come in blue. According to NASA, these should be visible to the naked eye if a Martian astronaut were to look to the sky from one of the two poles.

ISS astronauts capture spectacular aurora

Astronauts onboard the International Space Station were given a treat – they witnessed one of the most spectacular natural phenomenon on Earth, from space. From onboard the station, Terry Virts also filmed it and took some pictures, so we can all enjoy.

NASA launches space probe into Aurora Borealis

A suborbital rocket carrying six research payloads was successfully launched into the Aurora Borealis. The probe will allow scientists to better understand the energy of the aurora and how this affects the Earth.

AstroPicture: Aurora near Australia, seen from ISS

  Seeing the Aurora Borealis (northern lights) is a fantastic sight in itself – but seeing it from the ISS is definitely something else.

Study shows auroras also occur outside our solar system

Researchers from Leicester University have shown that auroras (similar to Earth’s aurora borealis) occur on other bodies outside our solar system. Aurora borealis Aurora borealis is a natural light display occuring in high latitude areas (both north and south), caused by the collision of energetic charged particles with atoms in the high altitude atmosphere. Here’s what happens: emissions of photons

Sun produces humongous, beautiful solar storm [pics & video]

NASA released footage of an absolutely remarkable phenomena: the ejection of a massive solar filament, a type of coronal ejection, captured in all its splendor. According to the space agency, the filament has been hovering in the Sun’s atmosphere since August, and it was ejected on the 31st of August. The solar eruption was shaped somewhat like a light bulb,

Aurora Borealis puts on dazzling light show in northern hemisphere

The powerful X-class solar flare we’ve mentioned earlier in a blog post here on ZME Science finally reached Earth’s magnetic field on Saturday, three days after it spurred from the sun. No significant damage was reported, however the resulting geomagnetic storm put out a dazzling display for those lucky enough to find themselves in the northern hemisphere of the world

Solar flare heading our way – to hit the Earth on Saturday

The sun recently shout out an M3.2-class solar flare in our direction, which scientists expect to hit the Earth this Saturday. The coronal mass ejection however is too weak to cause any havoc like doomsday fanatics might hope, just an incredible “fireworks” display as the¬†charged particles hit the Earth’s magnetic field resulting in spectacular aurora borealis at the poles. Your

Spectacular Aurora Borealis light show in North America [PHOTOS]

The northern hemisphere is accustomed enough to the dazzling Aurora Borealis phenomena, an event which occurs when charged particles collide with atoms from the extreme latitude atmosphere. However, yesterday almost the whole North American continent was bewildered by an incredible spectacle of lights, as Aurora Borealis  apparitions were reported as far south as Kansas, Arkansas or New Mexico. This extremely

Beautiful exoplanet aurorae 1000 times brighter than on Earth

There are few more dazzling sights in the world than that of the great Norther Lights, and in a exercise of brilliant imagination scientists have depicted how an aurorae would look like on huge hot planets. Scientists ran computer models of so-called “hot-Jupiters” placed in close proximity to a sun (a few millions miles away, instead of the safe-base 90

The beautiful Aurora Borealis formation explained in 5 minutes [VIDEO]

Aurora Borealis, a rare sight as it is, can be considered nature’s most dazzling fireworks display. What it actually means or describe, where it comes from, how is it formed, are maybe just a few questions you might have posed yourself after looking at some beautiful Northern Lights photos. The short 5 minute video below answers in a perfectly plain

San Francisco to Paris in 2 minutes [VIDEO]

Here’s another amazing time lapse video which is certain to enchant your senses and entertain equally enough, in which the Beep Show has documented its San Francisco to Paris flight by shooting a photo every 2 miles (clicky clicky every 15 seconds?). The photos were then put together masterfully, resulting in a lovely time lapse view over the American continent,

Solar flare causing some major trouble

As we were telling you recently, the biggest solar flare in the last 4 years is upon us, and while this doesn’t pose any direct danger for us, but the flare is making an impact throughout the world. Radio communications were disrupted, especially in China, but concern was generated everywhere throughout the world. However, experts say the Sun has just

Solar flare radiation expected to hit today – expect a Northern Lights spectacle

On Monday the sun fired up an X class solar flare, the most powerful of its kind, the effects of which are expected to be felt by us today (Thursday) and tomorrow (Friday), and are expected to last somewhere between 24 and 48 hours. This may lead to disruptions in radio communications, interfere with satellites and affect power grids. This

Giant solar blast headed directly for Earth – perfect for photographers

First of all, there’s no need to panic; solar blasts can cause geomagnetic perturbances, but they pose no direct danger for humans or any other inhabitants of our planet in a direct manner. The biggest such flare in the past four years erupted on Monday, and it’s sending jets of charged particles that will reach our planet in the next