‘Smart’ glass recognizes numbers without the need for sensors or even electrical power

Scientists have devised a novel system that can recognize visual objects by bending light.

AI is better at diagnosing skin cancer than even some of the best human experts

We’re about to witness a paradigm shift in how diseases are being diagnosed.

AI can create convincing talking head from a single picture or painting

AI is getting weirder by the day.

The world’s first AI-written textbook showcases what machine learning can do — and what it can’t

The technology could have a surprising use.

AI is so good at inventing stories that its creators had to shut it down to avoid ‘fake news’

OpenAI thinks that its AI is too dangerous to risk having it fall into the wrong hands.

Artificial intelligence still has severe limitations in recognizing what it’s seeing

They’re endearingly bad at it, to be honest.

Look at all these faces. None of them are real — they were created by an AI


Novel AI can master games like chess and Go by itself, no humans needed

How do you spell “checkmate” in binary?

New AI solves most Captcha codes, potentially causing a “huge security vulnerability”

Please prove that you are human.

AI outperforms top corporate lawyers in accuracy — and is 100 times faster

Justice by robots sounds like the future we’ve all been waiting for.

New model boils morality down to three elements, aims to impart them to AI

Now computers can feel guilty too, hooray!

SETI project uses AI to track down mysterious light source

Scientists are still in the dark but the new insights place them a step closer to the source of fast radio bursts.

AI spots depression by looking at your patterns of speech

Computer: “What is my purpose?”
MIT: “You spot depression!”
Computer: :(

Google just let an Artificial Intelligence take care of cooling a data center

This could save Google millions of dollars — and it also ushers in a new age of technology.

How artificial intelligence is destined to revamp education

Is there anything AI won’t touch?

AI spots thousands of craters on the Moon — including over 6,000 previously undiscovered ones

The AIs are getting better and better.

AI can now tell if you’re a man or a woman, just by your smile

You know how everyone says ‘smile’ before you snap a pic? That was Skynet’s plan all along!

Google AI can now look at your retina and predict the risk of heart disease

After analyzing data from over a quarter million patients, the neural network can predict the patient’s age (within a 4-year range), gender, smoking status, blood pressure, body mass index, and risk of cardiovascular disease.

New objective blood test could diagnose autism in children

The test could be a game changer for identifying autism.

Will AI start to take over writing? How will we manage it?

An AI writer — can this really be?