New objective blood test could diagnose autism in children

The test could be a game changer for identifying autism.

Will AI start to take over writing? How will we manage it?

An AI writer — can this really be?

AI may have deciphered the Voynich Manuscript — the most mysterious coded book in the world

After many failed attempts, artificial intelligence comes to the rescue.

Chinese AI outperforms humans in language comprehension test — the first time a machine ever has

011010…. Oh, wait, carbon-based life-form, I meant “Hello”.

Artificial Intelligence can tell you your blood pressure, age, and smoking status — just by looking at your eye

The eyes can also be a window into a person’s health.

AI determines whether a neighborhood will vote Republican or Democrat based on pickup truck density

Tell me what you drive and I’ll tell you who you’ll vote for.

Google’s AlphaZero surpassed the sum of human chess knowledge — in 4 hours

Feeling outdated yet?

Swarm AI correctly predicted TIME’s Person of the Year

The swarm intelligence found the #MeToo movement as the clear winner. It’s the second time in a row it guessed TIME’s POTY.

Robot learns like a toddler to predict future outcomes in its environment

Taking inspiration from babies, this machine learns to predict seconds into the future.

Artificial Intelligence might soon be judging gymnastics

Would you be OK with computers being the judges of gymnastics?

Scam the scammers: New AI Bot messes with scammers by pretending to be a human victim

Hello sir, it is me, the Nigerian prince.

The AI buster-buster: new machine dominates AI that dominated humans at Go

It seems our AI overlords have overlords of themselves.

Smartphone AI spots sick plants with remarkable accuracy

In a new advancement, scientists developed an algorithm that can identify sick plants based on sight alone.

Burger-flipping robot will grill meat in 50 fast food restaurants

This will set you back $100k.

AI is designed to create motivational quotes. Things go hilariously awry

This AI seems to have gone insane. Loco!

AI is better than doctors at predicting how long a patient has to live

Some information is just unreadable to humans.

Endowing AI with confidence and doubt will make it more useful, paper argues

More like us, in other words.

Google is shifting their focus from Search to artificial intelligence, CEO says

There’s a lot of data to be had — and Google wants it.

Robots could soon write emotional or motivating songs

Inserting feelings into Artificial Intelligence music — the future is kinda happening already.

A.I. for Texas Hold’em has 10 times the win rate of professional poker players

After the researchers gave the AI “intuition”, it blew away most professional human players.