Archaeologists find first prehistoric figurative cave art in the Balkans

It’s the first find of its kind in the area.

Art-integrated science lessons make some students ‘learn at 105%’, new study finds

That’s not a typo. The authors were surprised, too.

Banksy stencil sells for $1.3 million — then immediately self-destructs

The painting doubled in value, since this is Banksy world and normal rules don’t seem to apply.

Painted rock points to higher cognitive function in humans 73,000 years ago

Artwork from waaaay before Photoshop.

The role of art in research with science illustrator Sarah Gluschitz

Tip of the hat to the people who make science books so, so pretty.

New Zealand startup launches huge ‘disco ball’ into space. It’s now the brightest object in the night sky

It’s supposed to be an art project, but you be the judge.

How science might settle the debate around two famous Munch and da Vinci paintings

Even centuries later, science is able to decrypt some of art’s biggest controversies.

The Food Chain Project: Fighting Food Waste With Art

Israeli-Dutch artist Itamar Gilboa has started a new project where he monitored everything he ate during a year and made a work of art out of it.

First artwork to be made in space is now orbiting above all our heads

“A laugh star floating in space, above all our heads, is my attempt to create a contemporary metaphor for the hanging ‘Sword of Damocles,’ a reminder that the beauty of human life is so fragile.”

Pretty rock found in Croatia points at Neanderthals’ softer, artistic side

*nods geologically*

How to Create Beautiful Images With Thousands of Circles

Art and science go hand in hand.

Self-ink calendar uses capillary action to mark dates

An artsy calendar that makes you stop and think about how you spend your time — with a bit of help from science.

The medieval elephant was partly horse, partly dog, totally hilarious

There were some pretty epic works of art made throughout the Middle Ages and especially the Renaissance. But these elephants are not among them.

Islamic art inspires metamaterial that grows when stretched

A new type of metamaterial that can grow when stretched, with possible applications for medical equipment and satellites, was inspired by an unlikely source — ancient Islamic art.

NASA’s Thermonuclear Art is the prettiest thing you’ll see today

The Sun is easily the most recognizable and important star that humanity has ever known. And yet, those who want to study it come face to face with a tiny weensy problem — it tends to burn your retinas if you look at it.

Algorithm turns photos into specific style of painting

German researchers from the University of Tubingen have devised an algorithm that analyzes a painting and then applies that style of painting to any desired picture. The results were recently published in a paper entitled, A Neural Algorithm of Artistic Style by Leon A. Gatys, Alexander S. Ecker and Matthias Bethge, and the results are simply spectacular: “In fine art, especially painting,

Beautiful winged insects built from computer and video game components

I just love it when stuff that’s thrown away becomes a part of something new and valuable – upcycling, as many people call it. For UK-based artist Julie Alice Chappell (Facebook), it’s about turning technology into art. She takes thrown away computer and video game parts and assembles them into pieces of art, which she then sells on Etsy. “The recycled bits

Where Biology Meets Art: BioScapes

When science meets art, some seriously coolness happens – and the perfect example for this is BioScapes, an annual competition ran by Olympus. BioScapes hosts some of the most spectacular images of life seen through a microscope, as exemplified below. “Each fall, four individuals widely respected in the fields of microscopy and imaging are invited to select the winners and

Breathtaking digital images probe human anatomy like never before

Often called  a “Digital Age Leonardo da Vinci”, Alexander Tsiaras is a digital innovator, technologist and artist. You might know him from his work that showcases beautiful digital images of the human body, made using cutting edge imaging software along with artsy tweaks. Guided by a passion for the human form and insides, Tsiaras founded the TheVisualMD, an extensive online library that documents

This object isn’t there. Your eyes are fooling you

How can something that’s there not be there? Well, as I’m sure you’ve figured it out already, it’s an optical illusion. These ones are the same too: Here are some pictures of the same images, from different angles: These designs were created by Felice Varini, a Swiss artist. His works appear to be three-dimensional from one angle, however, but are