Jupiter is still a ridiculously beautiful place judging from Juno’s pics, and here’s how it does it

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Swarm AI correctly predicted TIME’s Person of the Year

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What was the Indus Valley Civilization: the forgotten superpower of the ancient world

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Animal files: the paradoxical axolotl

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Swedish company builds food-laden ‘Plantscaper’ to feed the cities of the future

A skyscraper filled with food? Sign me up!

The science of hangovers or why you feel like crap after a night of heavy drinking

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Curious facts about red pandas

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How to brew the perfect tea — according to science

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How to create deliciousness — the chemistry behind cooking

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What’s the difference between diffusion and osmosis

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A hidden shortage: why the world is running low on sand

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What Einstein thought about God, the Universe, science and religion

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Graphology is a pseudoscience

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Who really discovered America? (Spoiler alert: it’s not Columbus)

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In Medieval times, people would pay Sin Eaters to carry their sins

Eating sins for a living is a rough job.

The different types of electromagnetic radiation

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