Why mosquitoes bite me more than others

In short: mosquitoes like you more because you’re easier to find on their ‘radar’.

Water from thin air: a look at how rain and precipitation forms

There are a lot of elements that come together to ‘make it rain’. Both in nature and in the club.

A brief history of Martian spacecraft and landers

For the last 60 years, humans have been sending all sorts of spacecraft to the Red Planet — here’s a rundown.

The Wonderful World of Bacteriophages

These may be our hidden weapon against antibiotic resistance in the near future.

How the world’s most famous codebreaker unlocked the secrets of nature’s beauty

The beauty that surrounds us has order – and one of the world’s best codebreakers was the key to unlocking it.

What is soil? Here’s the inside scoop

The Earth’s great recycle bin.

What is RNA?

RNA is often thought to potentially be responsible for forming all life.

The naked mole-rat is impervious to pain and cancer, and lives ten times longer than it should — what can we learn from it?

The naked mole-rat is perhaps one of the most bizarre beasts on the planet.

The delicious history of ice cream throughout the ages

From ancient wars in Persia to the breakups of today, ice cream has carried us through the tough and the rough.

What you need to know about nicotine withdrawal and the pains of quitting smoking

Quitting smoking is the best thing you can do for your health and vitality — but it’s sure not easy.

The man who is ageing too fast

Nobuaki Nagashima has Werner syndrome, which causes his body to age at super speed.

Do stress balls really work?

You seem them in every corporate office but do these squishy foam balls actually relieve stress?

What is the house of the future going to look like?

Bigger, better, faster, stronger. Ok, maybe just better and stronger.

Some people have extra bones, teeth, and even nipples. Here are some examples

Not all bodies are the same.

What are the different types of energy

Don’t let your boss find out, but in a physical sense, energy is defined as the ability to do work.

Who really invented the light bulb?

Spoiler: It wasn’t Edison.

Why is snow white?

…because it can’t get a tan.

Why Game of Thrones’ Dragonglass is so deadly

In Westeros, there are only two substances capable of killing White Walkers: Valyrian steel and Dragonglass.

Why do pets like pats?

I mean… ’cause they’re awesome.

Black hole picture shown for the first time

A historic moment in science that pushes the limits of human knowledge.