Book Review: ‘Rosalind Franklin: The Dark Lady of DNA’


In a thoughtful and engaging biography of Rosalind Franklin, Brenda Maddox beautifully portrays the life of an ingenious scientist.


Book Review: ‘Global Environments through the Quaternary


“Global Environments through the Quaternary” By David Anderson, Andrew Goodie, Adrian Parker Oxford University Press, 406pp | Buy on Amazon The Quaternary, the last 2.6 million years, has been a time of major changes in our world, and we can still see most of those changes today. Numerous geology books discuss the changes and the environments that shaped the planet during


Book Review: ‘Narrative Networks – Storied Approaches in a Digital Age’


“Narrative Networks” By Brian Alleyne SAGE Publications Ltd, 224pp | Buy on Amazon What’s a narrative? That’s a question we don’t ask ourselves, even though narratives are all around us – from the books and movies that we enjoy, to Facebook, and to this website. This book challenges and inspires readers to think about narratives in a new way and analyze


Book Review: ‘Measuring Happiness: The Economics of Well Being’


“Measuring Happiness” By Joachim Weimann, Andreas Knabe, Ronnie Schob MIT Press, 224pp | Buy on Amazon What is happiness, and how does money relate to it? Is more really better? Then why aren’t richer people happier? But why are poor people generally less happy? The economics of happiness is an extremely controversial field, without any definitive answers; however, the authors to a


Book Review: ‘Global Sustainability Inside and Outside the Territory’


“A History of Future Cities” By Carmine Nardone, Salvatore Rampone World Scientific Publishing, 156pp | Buy on Amazon This book contains the proceedings of the international workshop on global sustainability held in Benevento, Italy, on February 2014. It features 10 published papers regarding dealing with broad range of aspects of sustainability in a global scenario including food safety, monitoring, soil mapping, healthcare,


Book Review: ‘Fluvial Depositional Systems’

fluvial depositional systems

“Fluvial Depositional System” By Andrew Miall Springer, 316pp | Buy on Amazon This book definitely goes out to the earth scientists out there – it’s not a book for the general audience. In fact, I’d describe it as a book-length scientific article, though one that properly explains all the concepts it uses throughout. Those working in the field are likely familiar


Book Review: Decarbonising the World’s Economy

decarbonising the world's economy

“Decarbonising the World’s Economy” Editors: Terry Barker, Douglas Crawford Brown Imperial College Press, 376pp | Buy on Amazon We have to make the transition from a fossil-fuel based economy, to a greener, sustainable economy – but won’t that cause economic downfall? That’s a misconception too often repeated by both the media and policy makers. We can tackle climate change and


Book Review: ‘Mathematics Without Apologies’

mathematics without apologies

Mathematics is considered a problematic vocation, because, let’s face it, mathematicians can be weird. But that’s mostly because people don’t understand mathematics, let alone mathematicians which can be even more problematic. Why do (pure) mathematicians do what they do? Michael Harris, professor of mathematics at the Université Paris Diderot and Columbia University, offers a personal account of “Mathematics without apologies”.


Book review: ‘A Dictionary of Geology and Earth Sciences (4 ed.)’


“A Dictionary of Geology and Earth Sciences” By Michael Allaby Oxford, 672pp | Buy on Amazon Confession time: I’ve previously never owned a geology dictionary. I know, I know, I was that guy – always taking something from the University library, borrowing from my colleagues or looking for stuff online. Mea culpa – but then again, I never had access to something


Book review: ‘Great Principles of Computing’

Great Principles of Computing book review

Computer science and the major principles behind it.