Book review: ‘A Dictionary of Geology and Earth Sciences (4 ed.)’


“A Dictionary of Geology and Earth Sciences” By Michael Allaby Oxford, 672pp | Buy on Amazon Confession time: I’ve previously never owned a geology dictionary. I know, I know, I was that guy – always taking something from the University library, borrowing from my colleagues or looking for stuff online. Mea culpa – but then again, I never had access to something


Book review: ‘Great Principles of Computing’

Great Principles of Computing book review

Computer science and the major principles behind it.


Book review: ‘Introduction to Mineralogy’


Mineralogy is one of the most beautiful and most difficult subjects in geology – I had a love/hate relationship with it in my undergrad years. Reading an introductory textbook takes me back, and brings back lots of memories – and it doesn’t get much better than this when it comes to textbooks. The second edition of Introduction to Mineralogy does a great job at complementing its predecessor and sets a high standard for mineralogy textbooks worldwide.


Book review: ‘Ecological Statistics: Contemporary theory and application’


“Ecological Statistics: Contemporary theory and application” By Gordon A. Fox, Simoneta Negrete-Yankelevich, Vinicio J. Sosa Oxford University Press, 400pp | Buy on Amazon Modern ecology is less about field observations and data, and more about what you do with the data – that’s where statistics shines. However, many ecologists or biologists aren’t especially savvy in statistics, and there’s a specific need


Book review: ‘Climate Shock: The Economic Consequences of a Hotter Planet’

climate shock book review

A sobering wake-up call: tax carbon!

Reviews, Science

Book review: ‘Higher Education in the Digital Age’

higher education in the digital age bowen

Higher education is facing a crisis, and professor Bowen offers some solutions.


Book review: ‘On Sacrifice’

Moshe Halbertal On Sacrifice

I’d recommend this book to anyone interested in understanding the biblical sacrifice, but also the psychoanalytical reasoning behind sacrifice. Quite brilliant.


Book review: ‘The Federal Reserve and the Financial Crisis’


The 2008 financial crisis explained by the Federal Reserve chairman.


Book Review “Physics on your feet: Berkeley Graduate Exam Questions”


Physics on your feet is basically a collection of physics problems (with solutions at the end), presented in an illustrated and humorous way.


Book review: ‘The Gaia Hypothesis: Science on a Pagan Planet’


When James Lovelock came up with the Gaia hypothesis, today also commonly referred to as Gaia theory, he likely didn’t know it will affect his entire life. The theory proposes that organisms interact with their inorganic surroundings on Earth to form a self-regulating, complex system that works together to maintain the conditions required for habitability. In a way, even though obviously not an organism, the planet actually behaves like an organism. The Gaia Hypothesis: Science on a Pagan Planet discusses how this theory emerged and evolved throughout the year, itself almost like a living organism.