The Five Weirdest Things People Have Tried To Combine With Guns

Tue, Oct 1, 2013


Guns are ridiculously unfair. That’s a fact of life. Hell, just ask any gamer – more often than not, the most powerful and in-demand weapons are ALWAYS firearms. And why wouldn’t they be? The ability to just stand on top of a building and shoot the heck out of every newbie running around armed with […]

The Five Coolest Things People Have Made Using LEGO

Tue, Sep 17, 2013


Over the years, LEGO building blocks have been a source of hours of endless entertainment for kids (and kids at heart) worldwide. Encouraging creativity and unintentionally rewarding children for selfishly bogarting all the pieces of a particular color, all sorts of interesting things can be made out of a decently sized tub of LEGO bricks. […]

Tips to Succeed in the Mobile Era

Wed, Sep 11, 2013


Over the years, there has been a continuous evolution in the strategies and tools that businesses adopt to achieve success. Decades ago, owners put premium on talented and determined team. Today, there are other factors that have to be considered. In particular, the mobile era has significantly influenced the way businesses operate. The continuous development […]

Five Devastatingly Impressive Machines That You Can Buy Right Now

Mon, Sep 9, 2013


It’s remarkable to see two of the most powerful testaments to man’s technical ingenuity appear in the living room and the battlefield. One look at either would tell you that the greatest scientific minds on the planet are determined to keep pushing the boundaries of technology, mainly because (1) we all want to make life […]

Communication Era: How Mobile Phone Took Over?

Tue, Sep 3, 2013


With mobile phones, you can easily contact anyone even if it is an overseas or local call. When you cannot contact a person because he or she forgot to bring his or her phone, you can send him or her text messages. Aside from communication, the mobile phone also has features that help you during […]

What Google Wi-Fi Means for Starbucks

Fri, Aug 30, 2013


Starbucks is considered a mammoth in this industry. The company has its humble beginnings in Seattle as a coffee retailer. Today, this is the most successful coffee house chain in the world with over twenty thousand stores globally. Part of its marketing campaign is providing free Wi-Fi connectivity to its users. AT&T has been its […]

A Growing Global Menace

Fri, Aug 23, 2013


Investigators say the operation was the biggest, most sophisticated theft New York City has seen since the 1978 Lufthansa heist.  The booty US federal authorities have uncovered so far includes Rolex watches, a Mercedes SUV, a Porsche, bags from Gucci, and piles of cash.  Yet the alleged perpetrators never held a gun to a teller […]

The Impact of Electronics

Thu, Aug 8, 2013


This generation is really very blessed because of the evolution of electronics. Most often, all types of person from all over the globe has different electronics in their household. This is mainly because the electronics role is to serve the purpose of communicating with other people. Thus, this is to disregard the different electronic devices […]

In Memoriam: A Brief Look at Pre-Google Search Engines

Wed, Aug 7, 2013


On July 8, 2013, Yahoo!, Inc., officially shut down and sent to the depths of the internet necropolis, along with other old services that could be treated as irrelevant in today’s technosphere. If you visit the site today, it will automatically redirect you to Yahoo!’s search site, Let’s take a look back to […]

Three Technological Incidents that Almost Started World War III

Wed, Jul 31, 2013


Somewhere in the far reaches of space (or perhaps in some realm that we have yet to discover), a bunch of really bored cosmic dudes are probably watching us right now. Heck, they’ve probably had their eyes on us for thousands (or even millions) of years already; and they possibly have enough data to compile […]

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