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Milestone algorithm runs for the first time on a quantum computer

quantum computer

A 20-year-old algorithm that demonstrated the benefit of using quantum mechanics to solve certain problems has finally been run on a quantum computer – a sweet delicious treat, and a sign that serious progress is being made in the field of quantum computing. The Quantum world is weird A quantum computer is a computation system that makes direct use of…

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CCTV 2.0: Engineers devise 3D surveillance system that follows you around


In the movie “Enemy of State”, the character played by Will Smith is located by the NSA by an advanced satellite that could track his movements in real time, no matter where he would hide. While it’s not certain if intelligence agencies already have this capability, we’re already seeing an incipient concept as presented by University of Washington electrical engineers. The…

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Hepatitis C vaccine shows promise in early clinical trial

hepatitis c vaccine

An initial study has shown that a vaccine against Hep C currently in clinical trials is effective and also safe in humans. Hepatitis C is an infectious disease affecting primarily the liver, caused by the hepatitis C virus (HCV). There are some 200 million people in the world infected with the disease, and around 75-85% of people with HCV will develop…

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If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’re pooping wrong

The throne. Image via Houzz.

If you’re reading this, then obviously you can read in English (at least partially); but a big part of English speaking societies are pooping wrong, and this could cause massive health problems. In other words, we, westerners, should change how we poop. As it turns out, the main culprit is the toilet. The throne. The big white – call it…

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‘Data Smashing’ algorithm might help declutter Big Data noise without Human Intervention

Big Data

There’s an immense well of information humanity is currently sitting on and it’s only growing exponentially. To make sense of all the noise, whether we’re talking about apps like speech recognition, cosmic body identification or search engine results, highly complex algorithms that use less processing power by hitting the bull’s eye or as close as possible are warranted. In the…

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New Hookwork Vaccine Passes Clinical Trials in Brazil

Hookworms affect over 600 million people worldwide. Image via Shutterstock.

A permanent vaccine for hookworm has passed clinical trials. The hookworm is one of the most pervasive parasites, affecting over 600 million people worldwide. The virus is also known for affecting mostly poor populations. The hookworm is a parasitic nematode (round worm) that lives in the small intestine of its host, which may be a mammal such as a dog,…

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Light/Moderate Alcohol Consumption associated with better Memory in Later Life

A glass of wine may do wonders for your health - but more will certainly harm it. Image via The Telegraph.

Alcohol is generally regarded as unhealthy, with a myriad of long-term negative effects and even short term negative effects. But there are still many things we don’t understand about how alcohol interacts with out bodies. For example, a 2011 Texas research found that alcohol consumption helps some areas of our brain remember better, while a 2005 study showed that moderate…

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Tractor beam smashes existing records

Drs Shvedov (L) and Hnatovsky used a doughnut-shaped laser beam to push and pull small glass spheres

A team of scientists has managed to develop a tractor beam which can pull and push objects over 20 cm – 100 times more than previous records. There are a myriad of potential applications for this kind of research, including studying atmospheric pollutants or retrieving delicate particles of material for examination. “Recent advances in lightwave technology have already led to small-scale…

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What the World looks like when the Internet is asleep


There are over 4 billion IP addresses registered all over the globe and this number is constantly growing as developing countries get wired and more people use smartphones and tablets. The internet isn’t the same all over the world (yet) and activity heavily fluctuates from day to night. A new study mapped the world’s internet activity using an extremely simple…

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Goby fish hide in plain sight by changing their colors

The rock goby can change its skin coloring within a minute to blend in with its environmen and avoid predation, a new study found. Image credits: BAS KERS (NL)/FLICKR (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

When you think about changing colors, the word ‘chameleon’ usually comes to mind. But there are other animals which can change their colors – the mimic octopus is the most noteworthy example, and there’s also the fish that mimics the mimic octopus. Now, researchers have found yet another fish which can change its color – the simple rock goby. Rock gobies,…