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Massive MIT study says solar is the future, but governments need to be supportive


A massive study conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology concluded that solar has the most chances to meet our planet’s long term energy demands, while also reducing greenhouse emissions. However, governments should be more supportive of the industry’s development.

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Scientists develop tunable liquid metal antennas

Antenna, feed, and reservoir. Credit: Jacob Adams

For the first time, researchers have discovered how to control liquid metal inside antennas using voltage. This could add increase functionality to antennas, allowing them to perform more functions and have greater tuning flexibility. Researchers have been interested in liquid metal antennas for years now, but the main drawback was the fact that you could only tune them with an

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Computer squares off against professional poker players – and loses badly


Even the best chess players are no match for computers these days, but computers are still struggling when it comes to games that have a random or unknown component. In games like Bridge or Poker, humans still hold the crown. Scientists from the Carnegie Mellon University tried to change that, by designing Claudico – a computer program built to defeat humans. But Claudico lost, badly.


Alcohol and Driving – Why the Two Don’t Make a Good Couple


When you drive a car you should be able to react quickly in the event that someone in front of you makes a sudden shift or change. For example, if the car up ahead slams on its brakes to avoid hitting something, you must also be able to hit your brakes and steer the car to safety. One of the

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NASA saves 4 men trapped in rubble in Nepal by their heartbeats

Chautara, as seen on Google Earth.

A few years ago, NASA unveiled one of the most interesting technologies I’ve seen recently – a portable radar unit based on technology used to detect alien life on other planets. Now, the first time this technology has been used in the field, it managed to find 4 people buried under meters of rubble, by detecting their heartbeat.

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Your smartphone will be able to tell if you have blood parasites

Image credits: BBC.

Scientists have managed to use a simple smartphone to test for blood parasites; the device and app was successful in small trials in Cameroon.

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Why Tesla’s Battery Might Spell a Global Energy Revolution

The battery’s modern design promises to blend into any house. Image via Inhabitat.

About a month ago, we were telling you about a new battery for houses Tesla was working on, that might revolutionize home energy and bring forth massive change in renewable energy – now, the official announcement is out. Homeowners will be able to get the Powerwall battery, in 7 or 10 kilowatt modules, which will cost $3000 and $3500 respectively.

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The future is now: Microsoft rolls out mind blowing holographic computing


Microsoft demonstrated just how far they’ve come with their augmented reality HoloLens project – and it’s far. Virtual browsers on your wall, virtual dogs, the weather in your cup, holograms following you to the kitchen… all that and many more were showcased by Microsoft at the Build Conference. I’ll be honest with you, I didn’t know we have this technology.

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EX-NASA Engineer Wants to Plant one Billion Trees a Year Using Drones


Each year, we cut down 26 billion trees, for lumber, agriculture, mining and development projects. Every year, we plant about 15 billion trees, so that still leaves us with a huge deficit – something which is not sustainable and has to be addressed as soon as possible to avoid further problems down the road. Now, a former NASA engineer has found that drones could play a key part, and he plans to plant up to 1 billion trees a year using them.

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IBM moving one step closer to quantum computers

Image via Wikipedia.

IBM claims to be one step closer to developing functional, scalable quantum computers. According to the company, they managed to overcome two key hurdles, demonstrating for the first time a new, square quantum bit circuit design – the only physical architecture that could successfully scale to larger dimensions.