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‘Peek Retina’ turns any smartphone into a professional eye examination tool

eye check smartphone

Hundreds of millions of people all over the world are medically blind, while many more are in the process of turning blind. In most cases, eyesight degeneration can be avoided or hampered if a diagnosis is timely made, but for people living in remote, poor areas of the globe, visiting an ophthalmologist is not possible. The Portable Eye Examination Kit, or Peek…

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This is the world’s first 3D Printer Car


3D printing is changing our lives – we’re seeing it already. Basically any household item can be 3D printed, and cheaper; in medicine we have 3D printed bones and even skin, you can get a 3D printed tattoo, 3D printed fossils for education, you can 3D print houses cheaply and quickly and even rocket parts – NASA is actually 3D printing rocket engine parts!…

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Ecuador indigenous leader killed just days before environmental Peru Protest

Image via Climate Connections.

An indigenous leader of the Shuar people who was openly opposing a major mining project in Ecuador has been found bound and buried, just days before an environmental protest he was organizing in Peru’s capital, Lima. We here don’t really like to tackle politics – unless it directly involves science or the environment… and this is exactly the case. José Isidro Tendetza…

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IBM develops device which could power slums with used laptop batteries

The UrJar uses lithium-ion cells from the old batteries to power low-energy DC devices.

An IBM team analyzed a sample of discarded batteries and found that they can still be used and can still provide benefits. They developed a device which uses re-usable Lithium Ion cells from discarded laptop battery packs to power low energy DC devices. They found that 70% of used batteries could still store enough power to keep an LED light on more than…

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X-Ray laser reveals how proteins act at an atomic level


A team of researchers from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) has revealed how the atomic structure of proteins changes during photosynthesis using an X-Ray laser which captures snapshops with unprecedented temporal resolution. As if conventional lasers weren’t awesome enough, scientists invented X-Ray lasers – which use stimulated emission to generate or amplify electromagnetic radiation in the near X-ray area of the spectrum,…

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100 brains go missing from Texas university

Texas University reported 100 missing brains. Image via Business Week.

The University of Texas at Austin is missing about 100 brains, about one half of the entire collection from the University… and no one seems to know what happened to the brains. University staff are scratching their heads trying to figure out what happened to the brains; it may be an act of vandalism or theft, or perhaps even more…

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Cambridge University releases over 12,000 images from Darwin’s original notes

darwin cambridge manuscript

Charle’s Darwin’s original notes during which he first scribbled down the ideas which led to evolution have been digitized and published online by Cambridge University. Over 12,000 high-res images have been published online – including the ones with the pages where he actually coins the term ‘natural selection’. “One may say there is a force like a hundred thousand wedges…

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This new battery can fully charge your smartphone in 30 seconds

phone charger

An Israeli company has developed a battery that can charge a smartphone in just 30 seconds; to make things even more interesting, the technology could be scaled and power up electric cars in a matter of minutes. Demonstrated at the 2014 Microsoft Think Next Conference in Tel Aviv earlier this year, StoreDot‘s prototype battery fully charged a Samsung Galaxy S4 in just…

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Lightpaper prints LEDs and ink on incredibly thin surfaces


When I first heard about 3-D printing, I was completely stoked. The whole concept blew me away and changed forever what I thought of ‘printing’. We now also know about machines that print metals, food and even human organs, why not light too? While not a 3D printer, Rohinni’s Lightpaper technology can be credited as innovative; once more lifting the margin and…

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Milestone algorithm runs for the first time on a quantum computer

quantum computer

A 20-year-old algorithm that demonstrated the benefit of using quantum mechanics to solve certain problems has finally been run on a quantum computer – a sweet delicious treat, and a sign that serious progress is being made in the field of quantum computing. The Quantum world is weird A quantum computer is a computation system that makes direct use of…