New material harvests water from thin air without using energy — even in dry, arid Arizona

Not a bad trick!

Old fish don’t want to swim deep — but we’re fishing them all out of shallow waters

What we thought is a natural law is probably ‘just’ impending ecological breakdown.

India’s aquifers show “widespread” uranium contamination

India’s groundwater problems are getting worse and worse.

There are actually two kinds of water, with slightly different properties

Water really is a strange liquid.

Thinking outside the ‘Box’: New Invention turns urine compound into nitrogen and hydrogen gas

It’s certainly an idea worth considering.

A new study reveals why ice gets so slippery — and it wasn’t what we expected

The next time you slip on a lick of ice, at least you’ll know the physics behind it!

World’s largest dead zone identified in the Gulf of Oman — it’s nearly the size of Florida

“Piracy and geopolitical tensions” kept it hidden from the scientific community until now.

Despite their violent impacts, asteroids could still deposit water on Earth

Ever wondered where the water you drink truly comes from?

Proper hydration helps seniors get the full benefit of exercise and keeps their minds limber

Everybody should try to stay well hydrated — seniors more so than others.

Flint’s water is deemed safe, Michigan Governor determined to end free bottled water service

Science says the water is safe to drink. The locals aren’t convinced.

Bioinspired surface harvests water from thin air

Inspired by the pitcher plant and rice leaves, researchers have devised a new method that harvests water straight from the air.

Novel graphite filter removes 99% of organic waste in water

Bottoms up!

The Arctic’s convection engine is grinding to a halt, flooded by meltwater

Melting Arctic ice is already leaving its mark on the oceans.

Ceres, the largest object in the asteroid belt is still ‘evolving’

Ceres doesn’t get as much love as Pluto, but perhaps it should.

Pee, Poop, and Perspiration Will Be Useful in Traveling to Mars

Astronauts’ waste will not be wasted.

Scientists engineer crop that uses 25% less water without compromising yield

It could make food crops more resilient to droughts.

How much water do you save by not eating meat?

You’ll be shocked to see how much water meat production requires.

Scientists reproduce superionic ice thought to exist in Uranus’ core

Water was subjected to a pressure millions of times higher than at Earth’s sea level.

Cliffs of pure, blue water-ice spotted just below Mars’ surface

That’s a lot of water.

Scientists cool water to ungodly temperatures without freezing it

This new study — it’s really cool.