Cliffs of pure, blue water-ice spotted just below Mars’ surface

That’s a lot of water.

Scientists cool water to ungodly temperatures without freezing it

This new study — it’s really cool.

Raw water is the latest 2018 craze — and it’s absolutely stupid

It like normal water, but worse. 40 $ please.

Not so dry after all: Mars lost much of its water to the crust

Mars might be abundant in water. The problem is its trapped in minerals inside the planet’s crust.

Martian atmosphere is not threatened by solar wind

The findings imply that we don’t really know how Mars’ water disappeared.

We’re one step closer to understanding the Mpemba effect, or why hot water freezes faster

Physics, the original troll.

Water wells serving 2 million Americans could be contaminated with high levels of Arsenic

Millions of Americans are potentially exposed to high concentrations of arsenic from their drinking water.

The first water map on the moon shines hope for human colony

There’s less water than in Earth’s driest deserts. But that’s still a lot more than we used to hope.

Tapwater around the world is full of microplastics, study reveals

It’s literally everywhere.

Why adding water to whiskey makes it taste better, or so some scientists claim

Diluting whiskey with a touch of water can enhance its taste.

Conditions on early-Venus might have allowed for an ocean of liquid water

Well, they don’t anymore.

Moon’s mantle contains lots of water suggesting its interior is wet, study finds

The findings have big implications for future missions to the moon.

For the first time, scientists catch water turning into ‘ice seven’ — a strange form of alien ice

Ice isn’t as boring as you think.

The types of clouds: everything you need to know

Clouds come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some look cute and fluffy, others appear menacing and apocalyptic.

There are two kinds of liquid water, researchers find

It seems water has a personality crisis.

The story about the “breatharian” couple not eating any food, living from the “universe energy” is bogus — and people bought it

I don’t need any food, the universe feeds me. Yeah…

Researchers describe improved technique to extract water from brine

It’s cheaper and more efficient.

Innovative tech generates electricity from where rivers meet the ocean

When two kinds of water meet, there’s a lot of energy involved.

It used to rain so hard on Mars it shaped the planet’s geology

A first of its kind study found rain on Mars was quite abundant.

Deep groundwaters are not safe from modern pollution, study finds

Not good.