Little-known 2012 volcanic eruption was actually the largest in over a century, new data shows

It was huge, and we might have missed it completely!

Warm rock beneath New England hints of upcoming volcanic eruption millions of years from now

New England residents shouldn’t panic, though. There won’t be a volcanic eruption in their backyard anytime too soon.

The Permian extinction – caused by “lemon juice” acidic rain ?

The Permian extinction was the biggest extinction ever, killing 96% of all marine species and 70% of terrestrial vertebrates Possible causes include: impact, loss of oxygen and volcanic eruptions Researchers tested the validity of the last hypothesis, finding it likely The biggest extinction – ever MIT Researchers believe that rain as acidic as undiluted lemon juice may have contributed to

Study puts growth of Hawaiian volcanoes in a different perspective

Even an area so studied as Hawaii sometimes yields surprises – a recent study conducted by researchers at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology (SOEST) and the University of Rhode Island (URI) changes the very foundation of how the Hawaii islands were formed: it is the eruptions of lava on the surface,

Oil spills could offer valuable information in modelling volcanic eruptions

What do volcanic eruptions, oil spills, sewages and chimneys all have in common? Not much at a first glance – but if you ask Peter Baines, a scientist at the University of Melbourne in Australia, they are tightly connected; in all these events, a fluid rises into a environment stratified by density (like the atmosphere or the ocean). It’s not

Volcano screams may explain unusually powerful explosion

Lots of volcanoes erupted in 2009 – but one of them really screamed out. Its unique howls provide a glimpse into the very heart of the volcano, and also in some unexplained processes that accompany an eruption. It’s not unusual for swarms of small earthquakes to precede a volcanic eruption – it’s quite common. As a matter of fact, most

Alaska volcano as seen from outer space

The Pavlof volcano lies in the long chain of the Aleutian Islands off the west coast of Alaska, and is one of the most active volcanoes in the United States. It’s about seven kilometers (4 miles) across and 2500 meters (1.5 miles) high; after being quiet since 2007, it started erupting again in May 2013. The ash cloud went as

NASA researchers use unmanned planes to trace toxic vulcanic gas

Usually, the military taps into what science does and uses its technologies – but for once, it was the other way around. Using unmannes planes typically designed for city warfare, scientists were able to keep track of toxic volcanic fumes. The Dragon Eye remote-controlled plane weighs in at just under 6 pounds (2.7 kilograms), with a 3.75-foot (1.14 meters) wingspan

Geologists grant full access to details of every significant recorded volcanic eruption

Details of some 2000 volcanic eruptions that occurred in the past 1.8 million years are now available in a new open access database, complied by scientists at the University of Bristol with help from the UK, US, Colombia and Japan. Volcanic eruptions are among the most dangerous natural hazards, having the potential to take numerous lives, significantly impact climate, disrupt

Mount Doom from LOTR set to erupt – in real life

For his fantastic Lord of the Rings trilogy, director Peter Jackson relied on two volcanoes in New Zealand, Mount Ngauruhoe and Mount Ruapehu, to portray Mount Doom. The latter, however, is keen on showing that it can be bad off-screen as well, after geologists warn that it’s nearing an impending eruption. “The current situation can’t continue, Ruapehu is so active

Volcanic crystals might predict next big eruption

Analysis of crystal formed in the molten rocks of a volcano might predict volcanic eruptions with as much as a year in advance, researchers claim. Mixing Seismology and Petrology Drawing data from the volcanic activity of Mount Helens from 1980 through 1986, geologists found that iron- and magnesium-rich crystals grow before an eruption, and by far, the most rapid growth

A busy year for Etna continues wth 17th eruption

We still have a few months to go in this year, and Etna still doesn’t look like it wants to stop its activity. The stratovolcano located in Sicily has already had its 17th eruption, whichm unlike most this year, came as quite a surprise. The volcano provided no seismic clues, instead the crater just filling up with lava and pushing

Mount Etna intensifies eruption

Italy’s Mount Etna is intensifying its eruption, shooting up more lava and ash in the air. Italy’s Civil Protection agency says that they have received raports from the geophysics and volcanology institute on Monday, announcing the increase in volume of ejected material, eight days after the initial eruption began. Local authorities state that Etna started spewing out a significant amount

Spledid photos from the Sakurajima volcano eruption

Sakurajima is probably the most active and dangerous volcano in Japan. Actually, one of its eruptions from back in 1914 is still attested as the the most powerful volcanic eruption in Japanese history, which at the time engulfed a whole city in ash and lava, and joined the former island with the neighboring Osumi Peninsula. Curious to find more about

The big picture on Icelandic eruption

Eyjafjallajökull (how ever you pronounce) is a volcano located in Iceland, covered by a small glacier with the same name. It’s crater has a diameter of about 3-4 kilometers, and it erupted the second time this month, causing a cloud of ash that forced authorities to stop almost all flights above Iceland. The problem, when you have such a volcano,

6 deadliest volcano eruptions

Volcanic eruptions are impressive natural phenomena; it begins when pressure on a magma chamber forces magma up through the conduit and out the volcano’s vents. Seen on the TV or in the newspaper, they’re just fantastic and gorgeous. But if you’re unlucky enough to be there… it’s really deadly. But volcanic ash can also bring a new beginning, aiding nature