NASA’s Parker Solar Probe Could Help Solve One of the Mysteries of Our Sun

The temperature around the sun is millions of times hotter than the sun’s surface itself.

Voyager 2 enters interstellar space

Take me with you!

Martian atmosphere is not threatened by solar wind

The findings imply that we don’t really know how Mars’ water disappeared.

Earth’s oxygen has been emigrating to the Moon for billions of years, study finds

Who wouldn’t?

NASA announcement: Martian atmosphere was stripped by solar wind

NASA figured out how Mars transformed from a lush environment to a red desert.

Rosetta mission discovers the comet that “sings”

As I am writing this, the Rosetta mission’s lander, Philae, is mid way through its landing on a comet. If everything works out, this will be the first time humans have landed anything on a comet and will provide valuable information about not only the comet in particular, but also our solar system in general. *UPDATE* Rosetta’s final ‘go’ has

Cassini sheds light on cosmic particle accelerators

During a chance encounter with an unusually strong blast of solar wind at Saturn, NASA’s Cassini spacecraft detected particles being accelerated to ultra-high energies (like those at the LHC); this acceleration is similar to that which takes place around distant supernovas and provides a valuable in-situ study environment. The Cassini spacecraft is an absolutely stunning evergreen source of information. Since

Electric Solar Wind Sail to Power Future Space Travel In Solar System

Two years ago, the Finnish Meteorological Institute made public the fact that they had created an electric solar wind sail. Now, scientists believe that this kind of propulsion could benefit space travel significantly, throughout the Solar System. Doctor Pekka Janhunen who invented the sail, believes it could revolutionise travelling in space, as using solar winds for thrust requires no fuel