What are the pros and cons of solar energy? Here’s everything you need to know

Using solar energy to meet your power demands does not only make you more environmentally friendly, it may actually save you money.

How exactly do solar panels work?

Solar energy is on the rise, but how does it really work?

Roll-out solar panels that unfurl like a carpet electrify tiny British island

The system can fit 10 times as much power output than traditional panels in a given container.

Dusty solar panels slash power output by over 35%, study reveales

It’s called “clean” energy for a reason.

Give Elon 10,000 sq miles and he’ll give you a fully solar-powered US

Sounds like a deal.

UK slaps massive 800% tax increase for rooftop solar panels

The UK is taking huge strides — but in the opposite direction.

China is building a huge solar plant at Chernobyl

When one door closes, another one opens.

Fighting climate change with inner change: a case for heightened spiritual awareness

How one organization is proposing solving climate change by looking inwards, not outwards for solutions.

China will build the world’s biggest solar farm: 6 million panels amounting to 2GW, stretched over 7,000 city blocks

China does it again.

These TWO charts are enough to understand why solar power is the future of energy

It’s all you need to know, really.

Chile just signed the cheapest unsubsidized power in the world at ¢2.91/kWh.

There are absolutely no subsidies which means this is the cheapest power plant in the world.

Dubai to start building world’s biggest concentrated solar power plant

Dubai loves to take things to the superlative, and the city isn’t toying around this time either.

Enlightening Facts about Solar Energy You Should Know

What you need to know about solar energy and solar panels. Get your solar energy facts straight.

San Francisco just became the first big US city to require solar panels on new buildings

Making the most of that California sun.

MIT develops new solar cells, 400 times more efficient and light enough to drape a soap bubble

An MIT research team has developed a new technology that will allow for the creation of lighter and thinner solar cells than ever before. While the team says there is still work to be done before making them commercially available, the panels already proved their efficacy in laboratory settings. They hope that their work will power the next generation of portable

Morocco set to launch the world’s largest solar plan

Morocco is poised to become a solar superpower, as they revealed plans for the largest concentrated solar power plant, powered by the Saharan sun.

Indian airport is the first in the world 100% powered by renewable energy

India is one of the most polluted countries in the world, but for what it’s worth local authorities acknowledge this and are trying to balance their energy mix, currently heavily reliant on fossil fuel. More than 90% of India’s energy needs are met by coal, oil and gas. In all this ocean of dirt, particles and toxic fumes, the Cochin International Airport (CIAL) shines like jewel – the first international airport in the world that is 100% served by solar energy.

Less burns for more sunshine: renewable and fossil fuel technology integration sounds like a beach-goer’s dream

Solar-aided power plants could mean less CO2 for a fraction of the costs of solar-only, paving the way for a full-renewable power supply.

Maasai women bring (solar powered) light to fend off predators lurking in the night

A new project started by Green Energy Africa in September 2014 has brought solar energy to 2,000 homes in Naiputa county alone, and put new power into the hands of women who sell affordable solar installations.

World’s first solar road works better than expected

Only six months ago, a 230-foot strip of road was covered in solar panels in the Netherlands. Since then, some 3,000 kilowatt-hours of energy were produced or enough to power one Dutch home for a whole year. These news came as a surprise even to the developers of SolaRoad, as the project has been dubbed.