Scientists in India find new type of viper — and it looks stunning

A beautiful snake of which we know very little.

Sea snakes can dive up to 250 meters deep — that’s 800 feet

Snakes have taken to the deep sea.

A new study explains how snakes lost their legs

They didn’t lose the genes for limbs — they’re just blocked.

Contrary to popular belief, drought actually leads to fewer snakebites

It seems that in this case, the popular belief was

Venomous creatures could hold the key to innovative drug therapies

Specific substances from venom could be useful in devising new treatments.

First-ever baby snake fossil discovered beautifully encased in amber

Poor baby snake!

Scientists auction snake names to save them

How would you name a snake?

Why do snakes flick their tongues?

It’s probably not what you think it is.

Python moms take care of their offspring, surprising researchers

Mother love — with fangs.

Research of snakes’ straight-line movement could power the rescue bots of the future

Yessss, thissss issss good resssssearch.

Snake fungal disease could be a global threat, much bigger than we thought

“This really is the worst-case scenario,” said one scientist.

Snake fungal disease observed in Europe for the first time

Some pretty bad news for European snakes.

Fungal disease ravages American rattlesnakes

You may not like snakes, but they play an important role in ecosystems — and they’re in trouble.

“A curtain of snakes” — for the first time, scientists confirm snakes can hunt in packs

Snakes just got even more impressive.

A snake with the largest venom glands and known as the ‘killer of killers’ might help us make the best painkillers

You often have to look in peculiar (and dangerous) places for innovation.

Fossil Friday: the bug inside the lizard inside the snake

Always go for a meal before you fossilize.

Scientists figure out why snakes have such long bodies

Researchers from Portugal believe they finally have the answer.

Literally Ouroboros: snake gets trapped in a circle of its own shedding skin

Visitors to the Alice Springs Reptile Centre, home to the largest reptile display in Central Australia, were stunned by the sight of a snake who spun in circles countless times in a ring made from its own skin.

Underwater maintenance robot-snakes look scary but are actually quite cool

Eelume company developed a snake-like robot for underwater maintenance tasks. The deceptively simple robots could drastically reduce operating costs for deep sea rigs.

Four-legged snake is missing link between lizards and serpents

An “absolutely exquisite” fossil of a juvenile snake with limbs has been discovered by English paleontologists in Brazil. The fossil dates back from the early Cretaceous, 110 million years ago, and is the oldest evidence of a definitive snake.