A look at how the world invented pizza

Grab a slice!

In ancient Rome, political discourse was sometimes like an internet fight

Talk about thick skin!

The Antonine Wall was adorned with brightly-colored, grisly propaganda to keep Scottish tribes at bay

The best fight is one you can paint your way out of.

Archaeologists discover stunning Greco-Roman temple in the Egyptian desert

It’s not an everyday find.

Book review: ‘The Fate of Rome: Climate, Disease, and the End of an Empire’

Every empire has an apex, it also has a breaking point from which it spirals-down into insignificance. 

Over 20 hectares of Roman ruins discovered submerged off Tunisian coast

An unexpected archaeological finding confirms devastation at the hand of an ancient tsunami.

Ancient coins reveal when Rome became an empire

Even in science, you can learn a lot of things if you follow the money.

How seawater helped the Romans make sturdy concrete like no one else

Concrete in some Roman piers is not only still viable today but stronger than it ever was. We’re now beginning to understand why.

Rome metro workers accidentally find 2,300 year-old aqueduct

They found so many things they’re going to open a museum right in the new metro station.

Rome: the unsurpassed supercity of the ancient world

This infographic beautifully illustrates the sophistication of the ancient city of Rome — a place of innovation, the Silicon Valley of antiquity.

Ancient Rome’s water supply tracked by lead isotopes

By analyzing telltale chemical signs which marked the environment, like led isotopes, a team of researchers tracked the water quality following the eruption of Vesuvius in AD 79.

Illegal waste dumping turns Roman catacomb into a lake of acrid oil

Authorities sealed off the area and are now investigating possible environmental pollution from the underground lake of acrid oil.

Milan and Rome introduce car bans as pollution levels rise

The two largest cities in Italy have taken drastic measures as pollution levels continue to rise and smog builds up.

What the Roman Empire looked like at its prime in one glorious map

Stretch above is one of the most interesting maps of the Roman Empire ever made, all carted in detail using modern computational techniques. It shows what the great empire used to look like during its period of maximum expansion under the reign of Septimius Severus, about 211 CE. As you can notice, the Romans’ domain covered much of Europe, from the Atlantic to the Ural Mountains and from modern day Scotland to the Sahara or the Arabian Golf.

Roman emperor and pharaoh: new ancient carving tells the story

Right on the western exterior wall of the Temple of Isis at Shanhur, located just 12 miles north of the famous Luxor, archaeologists have uncovered an ancient stone carving depicting the Roman emperor Claudius dressed as a pharaoh. The scene is the most preserved out of the other 36 original scenes discovered during the 2000-2001 excavation season, after a layer of dirt

‘Archaeologist’ stray cat finds ancient catacomb in Rome

Fusing ancient, medieval, renascent and modern influences, the city of Rome is truly relic of time. It’s actually so old, that many construction projects in Rome have to go through a tiresome process before they can even start work, since there’s always the chance some forgotten tomb or catacomb of some sort might lie  underneath.  If you’re wondering what are the chances of finding a new