Why do pets like pats?

I mean… ’cause they’re awesome.

FDA says seriously, stop stealing your pets’ opioids

Apparently, this is a problem.

Pet translator might enable humans to communicate with animals

Such a device could be ready within 10 years but not everyone is convinced it could work.

Why some people love animals while others couldn’t care less

A science-based look at pet-keeping.

It’s not just humans — 1 in 3 US pets are also overweight

Just like humans, pets are becoming too overweight — and we need to improve this.

Children can become closer to pets than to siblings, study finds

Because no one wants to feed and wash their siblings.

Pets should be considered a main source of support for people with long-term mental health conditions

Pets can be lifesavers.

People are dumping goldfish into an Australian river and they’re growing huge — by destroying the ecosystem

Tank’em, don’t dump’em.

NOAA photographs golden retrievers swimming back home from their mating run

NOAA has released a photograph of this year’s golden retriever migration. The animals are returning to shore after their mating run, where a new generation of puppies will be born.

Why cats love boxes so much

Cats can be odd. They sleep for up to 20 hours a day, and get scared by cucumbers. They also get very enthusiastic, and are great play mates. Apart from cat nip, there’s nothing a cat loves more than boxes, though. Any box will do, actually. Big, small, tall, short. The cat will take it, no questions asked (of course). So, what’s up with that?

How pets make you hotter to the opposite sex

A University of Nevada team, led by anthropologist Peter Gray, tested several hypotheses about pets and contemporary courtship or dating rituals. Their study will appear in a forthcoming issue of the journal Anthrozoƶs.

Your cat doesn’t see you as a source of security and safety

Adult domestic cats do not view owners as the main provider of security and safety.

Don’t smoke, it’s bad for your pet!

If you are a smoker you’ve definitely heard more arguments than you can count against keeping such a habit. However, you continued to smoke, no matter what scary studies did scientists come up with. But apparently, this is not a decision to affect only you: your canary, dog, cat or why not turtle, might be at risk because of you

Pets Protect Children

  Pets do more than it may appear for their owners: they teach us a lot about unconditional love, responsibility, death and, of course, pooper scoopers. But aside from that they probably keep a child from developing allergies rather than causing it. This is not yet a scientific certainty, but the idea that pets might provide an immune benefit stems