NOAA has released a photograph of this year’s golden retriever migration. The animals are returning to shore after their mating run, where a new generation of puppies will be born.

Every year, golden retrievers swim to the Atlantic waters in which they were born to mingle, play and mate. The Great Golden Retriever Spawn has come to an end however, and thousands upon thousands of the animals are now making their way back home.

Image credits: Imgur user goldenretrievers.

NOAA captured this image earlier today off the east coast, a few miles away from the Outer Banks.

“They land here every year, and are a major tourist attraction,” said Avon pub owner Bailey Crown. “We’re all stocked up on treats and tennis balls to welcome them.”

The animals are expected to reach the peninsula later today, where locals and dog lovers all over the country are eagerly awaiting to pet the animals and call them “good boys” after their long journey.


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