Puppies reach peak-cuteness around 8 to 10 weeks specifically to make us love them

If this is emotional blackmail. I’m not even mad.

That ridiculous voice we use to talk to dogs? They actually love it

How to talk to puppers 101.

Dogs create a mental image of what they’re sniffing for

Pupper power!

Dogs use the “puppy-eyes” to manipulate you into giving them affection and attention and it works

This is manipulation I can get behind.

Wolves are better team players than dogs, study reveals, casting doubt on our view of domestication

A wild streak makes them better at cooperating, the team reports.

Dogs and wolves share a sense of fairness

Don’t mess with the wolf.

Children can become closer to pets than to siblings, study finds

Because no one wants to feed and wash their siblings.

Five genes could give dogs their unique human interaction — and they share four with us


Can animals get depressed too?

The jury is still out but the evidence seems to suggest ‘yes’.

Dog fertility has gone down significantly, and we’re probably to blame

We might be the next to come.

Male dogs are becoming less fertile, and researchers believe it’s happening to us next


Dogs hate hugs, and other amazing canine facts [infographic]

Dog, man’s best friend. Well, no one doubts dogs are very loyal and the best friends a taker can ever hope for. But what about you? Since you’re supposedly friends with dogs, you should know a thing or two about them. How many of these can you check off?

NOAA photographs golden retrievers swimming back home from their mating run

NOAA has released a photograph of this year’s golden retriever migration. The animals are returning to shore after their mating run, where a new generation of puppies will be born.

How pets make you hotter to the opposite sex

A University of Nevada team, led by anthropologist Peter Gray, tested several hypotheses about pets and contemporary courtship or dating rituals. Their study will appear in a forthcoming issue of the journal Anthrozoös.

Dogs may have been first domesticated in Nepal and Mongolia

It probably took a bit of convincing for man to turn wolves into dogs through domestication. At least this is not settled for debate: dogs branched from Eurasian grey wolves some 15,000 years ago. What’s less clear is where did this first happen. After embarking on a huge study which led them to analyze the genetic markup of hundreds of dog breeds, Adam Boyko at Cornell University thinks he’s finally got an answer: dogs were first domesticated in Central Asia, or in modern day Nepal and Mongolia.

Dogs can tell when you’re happy or upset, study shows

Science confirms what every dog owner has known in his heart: our canine friends can tell when we’re happy or upset. The discovery represents the first solid evidence that an animal other than humans can discriminate between emotional expressions on other species.

Breed not the dominant factor in canine aggressiveness

It’s always depressing when we hear stories of dogs attacking people, more so when injuries lead to death. As always after such an unfortunate, yet statistically isolated, event there’s always a massive group of people bantering and calling for “something to be done.” In some countries, public pressure can rule death sentences for thousands of dogs. There’s also a general

Dogs can sense Earth’s magnetic field… while pooping

Every dog owner can attest that canines are remarkable navigators, like some sort of living, breathing compasses. For some time, researchers have suspected that they can sense Earth’s magnetic field and use it in turn for navigation. A recent study confirmed this as a fact, however the findings came after studying the dogs in one of their most intimate poses

Reading a dog’s mood by studying its tail wag

Any dog lover will tell you if you see a dog wagging its tail it’s a sign that the dog is happy. Apparently, there are subtle signals given off by variations in tail wagging and these are used to communicate with other dogs what their stance is. Researchers at University of Trento, Italy found that happy dogs wag their tails more to

Dogs instructed to perform tasks via remote control

It’s a lazy dog owner’s dream come true. What if you had a remote control that you could use to instruct your dog to perform various household tasks, like say… grab you a cold one from the fridge? Scientists at Auburn University, Alabama have devised a system that makes such a thing possible, although the long term goal of such an