Around one-quarter of those who meditate experience unpleasant symptoms — we don’t know why

The subconscious is long and full of terrors.

Transcendental meditation reduces PTSD in South African students

Something as simple meditation can do wonders.

Meditation may not make you a better person after all

There are still plenty of science-backed reasons to meditate anyway. It’s just that ‘becoming a better person’ isn’t one of them.

Meditation acts like a pain-killer, but doesn’t release opioids

Evidence suggests mindfulness meditation reduces both emotional and physical pain. Concerning the latter, we still don’t know the underlying mechanisms that cause meditation to have painkiller-like effects, but we’re getting there.

Meditation improves cardiovascular health almost as much as exercise

A new study, performed at Howard University Medical Center found that practicing the transcendental meditation technique seems to stimulate the production of telomerase, an enzyme associated with reduced blood pressure and heart disease. This correlates well with earlier research which found that meditation techniques reduce rates of high blood pressure, heart attack, and stroke, as well as slowing of biological aging.

Is this the first Proof that Meditation alters Cellular Activity?

There’s an immense body of evidence that proves that meditation has significant beneficial effects for mental health, but it’s only recently that researchers in Canada discovered a link between mindfulness meditation and altered cellular activity in cancer patients. Biology and meditation: no longer mutually exclusive “We already know that psychosocial interventions like mindfulness meditation will help you feel better mentally,

Scientists scan a woman’s brain during out of body experience

It’s a little out of this world – a psychology graduate student at the University of Ottawa says she can voluntarily enter an out-of-body experience. While scientists are generally skeptical when it comes to this kind of claims, they were thrilled by the possibility to scan her brain during the experience – and the results were indeed spectacular. An unusual

Roughest San Francisco schools tamed through meditation

For school teachers working in some of San Francisco’s toughest schools, giving everyday to work isn’t some new opportunity to shape minds, but another ruthless battle in losing war. An impressive and unlikely initiative seems to have changed things for the better, where conventional wisdom – be it in the form of social programs, tests or surveys – failed. A

Meditation Could Slow the Progress of Alzheimer’s

Meditation has been shown to have an impact on brain activity, decreasing beta waves and impacting each part differently. Activity in the frontal and parietal lobe slows down, while the flow of information to the thalamus is reduced. This can lead to positive side effects such as improved focus, better memory, and a reduction in anxiety. According to a new

What Dalai Lama followers can learn from science and viceversa

Reconciling modern western science, which deals with matters pertaining to the external, physical realm, and ancient monastic studies, which delve into the inner self , can be daunting task if not … impracticable. For the past three years, however, the Dalai Lama and a group of Tibetan monks have been making multiple stays at Emory University, learning from science scholars

Researchers show that a simple 20 minute yoga session greatly stimulates the brain

Yoga supporters have long claimed the benefits of the practice, both on the mind and the soul, but many skeptics underlined the lack of scientific studies in the field. Now, a team from Illinois University have shown that even a singulary, 20 minute session of Hatha yoga significantly improved participants’ speed and accuracy on tests of working memory and inhibitory

Self-knowledge music for enlightenment

To know one’s self, pealed of all superficial, worldly thought, stripped to one’s essence and core is a state that few people truly reach. Chances are that most of the people you know that bluntly assert they fully know themselves are just as insecure as you or me; they’re just hiding under a cover of artificial self-confidence, based on external

Meditation stronger than morphine and drugs

Meditation can have pain reliefing effects much greater than even morphine, one of the strongest drugs, according to a recent study. We are only beginning to understand the deep effects that meditation has on our bodies, and researchers are baffled, to say the least. It calms and relieves pain with unbelievable efficiency, reducing the pain by more than half, and