Demand for Impossible Burgers is so large that the producer can’t keep up

Chow down.

Eating a lot of animal protein probably means you’ll have a shorter life

Red meat is particularly bad for our health, research suggests.

Neanderthal diet revolved around meat, new study finds

Caveburgers, anyone?

Scientists zoom in on more realistic plant-based meat substitutes

Yay or nay?

Meat and dairy are bad for the climate and the environment, researchers urge

The bottom line: eat more plants!

Ancient pottery portrays perilous path for agriculture under climate change

Don’t scrub your pots too hard — you’re destroying precious climate evidence!

Lab-grown meat is almost upon us — and most Americans would gladly try it

Yum or yuck?

The five largest meat and dairy companies emit more greenhouse gases than ExxonMobil

The hidden climate change-causing giants no one’s talking about.

Study weighs environmental costs of producing animal proteins so you know what to buy

Now you know exactly what your purchases do.

Avoiding eating meat and dairy is the single best thing you can do for the environment

The bottom line? Eat less meat!

US Beef eaters are responsible for half of food-related emissions

The takeaway message is simple: eat less meat, especially beef.

Adding lentils to your meals can combat high blood pressure

Lentils are good for your heart, researchers say.

How much water do you save by not eating meat?

You’ll be shocked to see how much water meat production requires.

Meat substitutes in Europe have grown by 451% in the past four years

Eating more legumes and less meat is one of the healthier, more environmentally-friendly things you can do.

How greenhouse gas emissions would drop if all Americans went vegan

The positive impact on the environment is significant but at the cost of the population’s health.

Replacing half the meat we eat with edible insects could could save a third of the world’s farmlands

With 10 billion people soon on the horizon, eating meat is out of the question.

Legumes are more filling than meat, better for your waist and the planet

Where’s my fork?

Time to update the Paleo Diet — it was heavy on plants and veggies, archaeologists found

Best enjoyed with a stone fork from a bark plate.

Comprehensive study finds that sustainable eating could save the planet

Cutting down on meat could drastically reduce global warming.

Why meat is unsustainable and what the protein chain of the future ought to look like

By the end of the century, the planet is expected to clock ten billion hungry mouths. If everyone ate meat, we’d be in a lot of trouble.