Nine streets in London ban diesel and gasoline cars in “pioneering” ultra-low emission scheme

An intriguing policy.

London’s Square Mile to use 100% renewable energy by October

A step in the right direction.

Deadly violence was rampant in the medieval London, and it disproportionately affected the lower class

It was pretty rough.

London to introduce £10 ($12) vehicle tax for polluting cars

The announcement comes after a disastrous couple of months for London in terms of air quality.

London toxic air alert goes to ‘very high’

Londoners are warned not to engage in any strenuous physical activity as Britain’s capital battles rough pollution.

All London buses will be green by 2018

This is the end for London’s dirty buses.

ClientEarth vs UK Gov. verdict announced, officials have to tackle the problem

Their previous plans to clean the air were ruled to fall illegally short of the mark.

The UK government is being taken to court over air pollution…again

Canned air looking more and more like a brilliant idea.

The City of London Corporation bans leasing or purchasing diesel vehicles for its businesses

The organization takes improving air quality “extremely seriously,” and has thus decided to clamp down on diesel vehicles.

British archaeologists find Roman handwritten document

Several tablets from the Roman Age have been uncovered and analyzed following excavation in London, including the oldest hand-written document ever found in Britain and the first ever reference to London.

London has reached its yearly NO2 pollution limit in just 8 days, and it’s being sued

The city of London is sued for polluting too much – about 40 times more than it should under EU (European Union) regulation. At 7AM local time last Friday, London officially breached the pollution limits set by the European Union for the entirety of 2016. It’s the fifth year in a row London has grossly surpassed its allowed limit for toxic nitrogen-dioxide

Beijing wages war on smog: plans to reach clean air by 2030

The Chinese capital is notoriously polluted and frequently plagued by smog, a noxious gas mixture made of nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, ozone, smoke or particulates. While 2015 saw cleaner air in Beijing than the year before, the current state of affairs lack in resolution, as echoed by concerned Beijing residents. With a lot of planning, hard work and a bit of luck, this situation might change for the far better as the Beijing Environmental Monitoring Center announced it plans to cut airborne pollution by more than 200% by 2030.

Why does it rain so much in London? Well, it’s not that much really

Did you know it rains more in Miami, Orlando and NYC than in London?

Ancient skulls discovered in London speak of Roman headhunters

Using modern forensic techniques, bioarchaeologists have found that a slew of skulls, discovered a few decades ago in an ancient open pit in nowadays London, not too far from a known amphitheater site, bear evidence that speak of gruesome decapitation at the hands of Roman headhunters. The findings provide the first evidence of such Roman practice in Britain. Roman headhunters

London’s Tower Bridge LED revamp puts the city in a new light for the Olympics

Arguably one of the most recognized landmarks in the world, London’s Tower Bridge received a full relamping in celebration for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. For the first time in its 118-year history, the bridge will be fully visible at night in all its stunning beauty, pulling the architectural wonder into the third millennium. The creation of architect Sir

London celebrates Yuri Gagarin with statue

As long as space and science is concerned, April is clearly Yuri Gagarin month, the first man in space, celebrating 50 years since his historic orbital flight. Besides having a Soyuz spacecraft named after him, another recent celebration of Yuri Gagarin include the erection of a statue in London in his honor. The zinc-alloy figure will sit just off The