These lionesses have grown a mane and are acting like males

Five lionesses in Botswana have grown male-like manes and one is even roaring and humping other females.

Thirty three lions rescued from South American circuses and brought to African sanctuary

Lions previously held by circuses across South America were rescued and will be flown back to Africa, where they will spend the rest of their days in a safe sanctuary. It almost seems like a fairy-tale ending – after spending most or all of their life trapped in circuses in appalling conditions, these lions will finally get the chance to

Public outrage over Cecil’s killing convinces FWS to add lions to Endangered Species Act

Lions are listed under the Endangered Species Act, five months after a famous lion was lured away from a protected national park in Zimbabwe and killed by an American dentist. The decision announced by the Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) is aimed to help with lion conversation as it will make it increasingly difficult for hunters to bring back trophies from Africa. While it doesn’t ban the import of trophies (which would’ve been ideal), the new ruling has been met with great enthusiasm by environmental groups around the world.

Seven lions will be re-introduced to Rwanda park 15 years after they were all wiped out

Rwanda’s Akagera national park will soon be home to seven lions flown in from South Africa. This is the first time in 15 years that lions will set foot in the country after the entire population was wiped out by cattle herders in the chaos that followed the 1994 genocide. The predators will hopefully mate and steadily replenish lion numbers back to a historical level.

Lions’ origin revealed by genetic analysis

The origin and evolutionary history of modern lions has been revealed through genetic analysis. This recent study suggests that the lions’ most recent common ancestor lived around 124,000 years ago. A fallen king Modern lions evolved in two different groups – one of them currently lives in Eastern and Southern Africa, the other includes lions in Central and West Africa,

Tiger kills Lion in Turkish zoo

This is one of the most disgusting things I’ve come across lately, and it shows just how much lack of responsibility and sheer ignorance people can have. A bengal tiger from the Turkish capital of Ankara killed a lion that was in a cage next to him, after finding a gap in the fence separating the two cages. It was

Lion Tamer is attacked during Circus act – all caught on video

This is perhaps not the right attitude and I’m sure people will frown, but I have to say I had very mixed feelings when watching the video. An Ukrainian lion tamer, Oleksie Pinko was brutally attacked by two lions during a representation, and it was all caught on tape by tourists. But there are some things that have to be

Lion, Tiger and Bear share impressing friendship

They’ve known each other basically all their lives, but the early days weren’t happy at all. Found during a police raid at the home of a drug lord, Leo, Shere Khan and Baloo tied an extremely unusual bond. They now live their peaceful lives together in the habitat built specifically for them at Noah’s Ark rescue center in Locust Grove,