A parasite worth three times its weight in gold is disappearing — and with it hundreds of thousands of jobs

The gold rush for a unique Himalayan fungus seems to be running out.

Himalayan Sherpas owe their super-human high-altitude performance to a unique metabolism

Nepalese Sherpas use oxygen more efficiently than puny lowlanders.

Highest-living plant discovered more than 6km above sea level in the Himalayas

Hardy little things too.

Everest glaciers might be gone thanks to global warming, new study concludes

A new study shows once again that no place on Earth is safe from the effects of climate change. Even in the heights of the Himalaya Mountains, glaciers aren’t safe; there’s a good chance that 99% of the glaciers around the Everest area will melt by 2100.

Drones capture amazing climbing sights from the Karakoram mountain range

Spy drones have been used by the US government on a various occasion in Pakistan to gather intelligence from the tribal area bordering Afghanistan, known for its close ties with terrorist organisations. Most recently, however, drones have been used to capture some mind blowing photos of sights otherwise completely inaccessible. The latest venture follows renowned climbers David Lama and Peter Ortner

The Milky Way, as seen from the Himalaya mountains

This has to be one of the most stunning pictures I’ve ever come across.

The Himalayas might be the best place in the world to harness solar power

We’ve become so accustomed to the imagery of huge stacks of solar panel arrays stretching across the scorching desert, that the idea of implementing solar panels in some of the coldest spots on Earth might be quickly judged as feeble. In reality, Japanese scientists claim in a recently published study that the most energy efficient geography to position solar panels

Mount Everest gets 3G coverage

The world’s highest third generation (3G) mobile network meets the world’s highest mountain, in what is a historic setting of a service station. Ncell, a mobile phone and internet operator in Nepal set the station at an altitude of 5200 meters above sea level, near the village of Gorakshep. “The speed of the 3G services will be up to 3.6

Everest clean up team goes up again

Everest is known as many things; first of all it’s the highest point in Asia, and in the world. It’s perhaps the peak over 8000 meters that most people try to climb (due to obvious reasons); but it also kills. Despite not being the most dangerous peak on the face of the earth, it has killed over 300 people since

The Sky Burial

First of all, it has to be said that this once common burial practice in Tibet is pretty hard to ‘digest’ for our ‘civilized’ world, and there’s a big chance you’ll find the pictures shocking. As adepts of Buddhism, Tibetans believe the single most important part of a person is its spirit, and after death, there is no reason to

The continents and their highest points

Continents are the large landmasses on Earth, delimitated by convention rather than geographical properties. Here we will refer to elevation as the height above sea level. However, it has to be taken into consideration that distance from the center of the earth is not the same thing, due to the fact that our planet is an oblate spheroid, meaning that

The 5 tallest mountains on Earth

A rundown of the five tallest mountains in the world.