Cell-membrane-coated nanobots successfully clear out 66% of bacteria and toxins in blood samples

Boy oh boy, am I excited for nanomedicine!

‘Holy Grail’ of shipwrecks discovered, carries up to $17 billion in gold, silver, emeralds

Boy oh boy, the Spanish must’ve been furious when they lost this ship.

Research into nugget-forming bacteria paves the way to better gold extraction methods

It’s not every day you meet someone who poops solid gold — but today is one such day.

NASA readies to launch the first half of GOLD-ICON to understand Earth’s outer boundary

Who said NASA can’t bling?!

Huge treasure of medieval silver and gold unearthed at the Cluny Abbey, France

Somebody was absolutely minted back in medieval France!

Gravitational waves show us how gold is formed

I was never really a fan of gold, but knowing where it originates somehow makes it much more beautiful.

Why is Gold yellow? Spoiler alert: Einstein again

Putting the ‘physics’ back into ‘bling’.

Gold growing on trees offers a new prospecting tool

Who said money doesn’t grow on trees? Take this grandpa!

Viking treasure pot, opened more than 1,000 years after it was hidden in modern Galloway

The first images of Viking treasure, stashed in a pot more than 1,000 years ago and buried in a field in Galloway, have been made public by the conservators working to preserve them. The items, including six silver disk brooches, a gold ingot and Byzantine silk, are not currently on display.

How the Copper Age changed humanity

In a time where virtually all labor was muscle-driven, having access to a material that can make your tools bend a bit instead of breaking or make your sword shatter an enemy’s weapon was like playing life with cheat codes.

Foamy gold is mostly empty, floats on coffee

Imagine a nugget of real, 20 carat gold floating merrily on the milk foam of your cup of warm cappuccino — scientists from ETH Zurich have found a way to do it. It’s not super-cappuccino, or diamond-strong foam — scientists led by Raffaele Mezzenga, Professor of Food and Soft Materials at ETH have produced a novel foam of gold, a three-dimensional material that is actually mostly…empty.

The golden enigma: archaeologists find trove of mysterious golden spirals

A team of archaeologists working in Denmark have made a puzzling discovery: they found nearly 2,000 spectacular gold spirals dating from the Bronze age. The reason why they were made, especially in such a large number, is a mystery and the trove baffled scientists. The spirals are made from pure gold, hammered down to just 0.1 millimeters thick, and measure up to

Gold doesn’t fall out of the sky – but it’s created in the heavens

Research based on recent observations of a nearby gamma-ray burst, GRB 130603B, help explain how gold, silver and other heavy metal atoms are created.

You’re flushing a goldmine down the toilet, literally

At a recent meeting of the of the American Chemical Society, researchers proposed a novel source of valuable metals: waste water. They proposed a method that could be used to extract valuable metals like gold, silver or titanium which end up in waste water plants via the city’s sewage.

Three ways gold nanotubes are helping beat cancer

British researchers have demonstrated three ways gold nanotubes can be used against cancer: 1) high resolution in-vivo imaging; 2) drug delivery vehicles; 3) agents that destroy cancer itself. Their work shouldn’t be viewed as yet “another” hack that seeks to eradicate cancer. We need to be more realistic than this. Instead, the findings have the potential to be a great measure that both diagnoses and treats cancer at the same time, complementing conventional surgery and, hopefully, avoiding the need for chemotherapy.

Sewage Sludge Contains Millions of Dollars in Gold

There are millions of dollars in gold and other metals in the sewage sludge in major cities. A new study has found that in a city with 1 million inhabitats, there’s as much as $13 million worth of valuable metals, including gold and silver.

How Gold is made and how it got to our planet

Why gold is important and where it came from. All your questions are answered in this article.

All Intel microprocessors are ‘conflict-free’ starting today

Whenever you buy an electronic, that ‘Made in [country]‘ label only shows where it was maufactured or put together – there’s no way of knowing where the materials for it came from; usually, they come from troubled countries, such as the Democratic Republic of Congo. But today Intel CEO Brian Krzanich promised at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las

New theory suggests gold deposits were formed as a result of earthquakes

A new theory based on a simple but viable geologic model claims that over 80 percent of all commercial gold deposits were formed in a flash. Gold seams are formed when mineral-rich waters flow through networks of cracks in rocks some 5-30 km deep. But the exact mechanism through which the gold is deposited is not really that well documented.

Scientists change the colour of gold and other metals using nanotech

No, this isn’t some kind of reinvented alchemy or optical illusion. Scientists at University of Southampton have changed the colour of gold, silver and other metals without coating, by using a nanotechnology patterning technique.  Applications may include harder to forge currency or encryption of valuable documents, among other. The team of researchers embossed the surface of metals with tiny raised or indented