Bright galaxies help solve mystery about early universe

They were much brighter than they were supposed to be.

The Milky Way’s outer disk may actually be warped and twisted

Torque is warping the galaxy’s outer disk in an S-shape.

Ancient galaxies found in our cosmic neighborhood

The galaxies date from the so-called cosmic Dark Ages.

Two billion years ago, Andromeda ‘ate’ a sister-galaxy of the Milky Way

The findings could topple our current understanding of how galaxies merge.

How many galaxies are there?

Talk about a big count!

Flock of 14 colliding galaxies set to become the largest structure in the universe

It’s quite possibly one of the most massive objects in the universe.

Scientists complete most precise star map, revealing hidden details in our galaxy

An incredibly fruitful mission sheds new secrets about the Milky Way.

Dark matter might not interact with anything other than gravity

Scientists are left in the dark again.

Gravitational waves might be created at the centre of most galaxies

Looks like we can expect more gravitational waves in the near future.

Researchers map out the age of the Milky Way’s “heart”

Our galaxy still holds many secrets.

Astronomers use gravity to zoom in on incredibly distant star

A new take on the whole ‘twinkle twinkle’ thing.

In a galaxy far, far away, Dark Matter appears to be missing

The elusive dark matter surprises us once again… this time by being absent.

Galactic clockwork: Astronomers find all galaxies rotate once every billion years

Regardless of their size, all galaxies that just as long to come full circle.

NASA zooms in on one of the oldest galaxies with the help of a cosmic magnifying glass

It might teach us about how galaxies such as the Milky Way evolved.

Astronomers find one of the oldest known object in the Universe, formed only a billion years after Big Bang

It’s supposed to be one of the first galaxies.

The Milky Way might not be your typical spiral galaxy but is it unique?

The Milky Way just got an ego boost.

We really are made of star stuff: half of the atoms inside us come from intergalactic space

Aside from the romantic aspect, the study also offers an important scientific perspective.

Supermassive black hole spotted struggling with its galactic meal

Sometimes, even a black hole can choke on its meal.

Supermassive black hole dislodged from its galactic throne travels at 5 million mph

In the aftermath of a titanic galactic battle, a merged black hole caused some waves.

Researchers spot the biggest brown dwarf ever, trailing at the edge of the Milky Way

Surprisingly pure.