Scientists are now able to bio-print corneas

This research could usher in corneas-on-demand.

The incredibly mobile and efficient eyes of the mantis shrimp

Their eyes can rotate in ways you wouldn’t imagine.

6 Reasons Why Your Eye is Twitching

Never has something so benign been so annoying.

Artificial Intelligence can tell you your blood pressure, age, and smoking status — just by looking at your eye

The eyes can also be a window into a person’s health.

Drinking tea might help reduce glaucoma risk, new study concludes

Drinking tea (especially without sugar) is good for you, but having a healthy diet and staying fit are still more impactful.

Woman burns her retinas looking at the eclipse and doctors take the first-ever pictures of such damage

Don’t look at the sun!

World’s oldest eye found in a fossil in Estonia is very similar to today’s eyes

Not much has changed for the eye.

You can’t keep eye contact during conversation because your brain can’t handle it, study finds

It’s doing its best though.

Why goats have really weird rectangular pupils

Ever took a moment to stare a goat in the eyes? If you have, you might have noticed something really weird: their pupils are horizontal rectangular.

The eye of the Sahara

This has got to be one of the strangest places on Earth- – but you couldn’t make much of it if you were just walking by. It’s located in a rather remote area¬†and the few people who noticed something odd about it didn’t know just how odd it really was. That’s why the 50 km formation didn’t receive much attention

Pupil shape reveals what kind of animal you are

Your eyes are a window to your soul, or so the saying goes – but a new research suggests that the pupil shape and size have a lot to do with an animal’s nature. Hunters like cats tend to have vertical pupils, while horizontally elongated pupils are generally plant eaters. Pupils are the eyes’ aperture – they’re black because light

New ligament discovered in the human knee

The human body is a complex biological entity in seemingly perfect harmony as thousands of components play their part in tandem. Discovering, describing and understanding how each of this body parts function and work together is the primary role of human anatomy. Some of you might be surprised to find that human anatomy is yet from being exhaustively described, as

This is not SciFi: software update slated for bionic eye will grant higher resolution and colour vision

The Argus II is the first bionic eye implant, designed to grant the blind vision, that has been approved by the FDA in the US. The wearer of such an implant is now capable of distinguishing objects and live an almost independent life, which is absolutely remarkable by itself, however its performance is light years away from the natural counterpart.

Rats have a double view of the world

Rodents are able to move their eyes in different directions, thus always keeping an eye on the the airspace above them, researchers from Max Planck Institute have shown. Using miniaturised high-speed cameras and high-speed behavioural tracking, they found that rats can move their eyes in different directions, both in the horizontal and in the vertical plane; the eyes move individually

New artificial lenses mimic the natural qualities of the eye

Modern sight correction medical procedures often involve surgery where an artificial lens is implanted. The patient’s sight is significantly improved, however the quality of vision is far from that experienced with a healthy pair of eyes. That’s because current artificial lenses function more or less like those from a camera, a bit more advanced of course. The eye is a

Scientist’s 12-year old son helps unravel gaze mystery: we’re wired to look for eyes, not faces

Alan Kingstone, a psychologist at the University of British Columbia, has been debating with peers for many years what exactly comprise the gaze mechanisms. Do humans first look for the eyes or face when surveying another person or animal? Many scientists believed this is a question impossible to answer since the two are¬†indistinguishable. Capitalizing on his 12-year old son’s brilliant