Blind creature that buries its head in the sand named after Donald Trump

The resemblance is uncanny.

Very few Americans are aware that 97% of climate scientists agree climate change is real

But if they were made aware of the fact, they might change their mind.

The 2016 election was so traumatic it caused PTSD symptoms in 1 in 4 young adults

For some students, the hate speech and divisive campaign of the last election were particularly traumatic.

Angela Merkel, German Chancellor: ‘We cannot wait to act until the [climate] science has convinced every last doubter’

There’s a big rift between the US and the rest of the world.

During times of economic uncertainty, citizens prefer dominant leaders rather than prestigious candidates

Populism thrives on fear and uncertainty.

“Make our planet great again” — The world reacts to Trump quitting the Paris Agreement

Trump to Earth: “Screw you.” The Earth to Trump: “No, screw you!”

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk and Disney CEO Bob Iger resign from Trump Presidential Council after Paris Agreement withdrawal announced

You can’t advise a man who doesn’t want to listen.

Fact checking Donald Trump’s speech — most is simply wrong, some is only misleading

Fact-checking Trump should be a full-time job.

Trump puts USA against the world, withdrawing from the Paris Agreement

To put it in Trump language: It’s a big, big decision which will have bad, bad consequences. SAD!

Trump to withdraw from Paris Agreement, briefed source claims

This does not bode well.

World leaders distance themselves from Trump’s environmental policies in unusually frank statement

Discussions were “intense” and marred by “dissent.”

Entertainment television might be partly to blame for the rise of populist politicians

Populism and television go hand in hand.

French presidential candidate welcomes muzzled US scientists


Trump orders media blackout at the EPA, tells employees to ‘cut climate change webpage’

The Trump administration has effectively banned scientists from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from talking to the media.

Newly discovered moth species features Trump hairdo

A tiny moth species has been named Neopalpa donaldtrumpi, becoming the first species to bear the name of the US president elect.

In times of turmoil, academics stand up, develop code of conduct and reaffirm fight against racism, misogyny and climate change denial

In times of political turmoil, academics are often the first to react.

Former French president Sarkozy says Europe should impose carbon tax on US if Trump pulls out of Paris Pact

We need leaders that address global issues.

Here’s how Donald Trump might bring the U.S. back to the climate ‘dark ages’

President Trump could be a disaster for the climate.

Chinese leader pressures Trump to uphold milestone climate change pact if he’s elected

Trump might jeopardize the most important climate change text in history.

Some fact checking from last night’s Presidential Debate

We’re not going to discuss any politics but what we are going to do is a bit of fact checking.