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Good news, everyone!

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Drinking two glasses of wine a day, keeps premature death away

A study found moderately drinking wine lowered risk of premature death more than exercising.

Coffee farming “can be a win-win for birds and farmers”, paper finds

It will keep you civil on a Monday morning and keep some bird species happy — it’s coffee!

Climate change might cause a coffee crisis, but there’s still hope

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Fecal bacteria found in ice from Starbucks, Costa, and Cafe Nero

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Why coffee makes me poop

For 3 in 10 people, coffee brings much more than just a morning buzz – it brings a bowel movement.

Keeping coffee in the fridge enhances its flavor, besides keeping it fresh

A new study found there are some added benefits to keeping the coffee in the fridge, which not even the best baristas know.

Caffeine is essentially useless after three sleep-deprived nights

After only three nights of sleeping five hours or less, caffeine stops working.