Did the Maya civilization really use chocolate as currency? New study suggests so

I say we bring back this currency.

Study analyzes the environmental impact of chocolate production — and it’s not pretty

No one’s saying you shouldn’t eat chocolate, but at least you should be aware of its impact.

No, chocolate isn’t going extinct in 40 years — but we are set for a crisis

Things are bad, but they’re not this bad.

Vets caution dog owners about chocolate poisoning spike around Christmas

Chocolate can be very dangerous for dogs.

Swiss scientists say they’ve invented a new type of chocolate — the first one after 80 years

I’ll take my chances with it!

Chocolate files: from the early days to today’s dark pleasure

Chocolate is… who am I kidding — we all know what chocolate is. It’s sweet, delicious pleasure. But chocolate, this seemingly simple product has a rich and complex history which stems for almost 4,000 years. Before it took the beloved form we know today, chocolate had medicinal and ritualistic uses. The Early Mesoamerican days The Aztecs and the Maya believed that

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but we need to discuss snortable chocolate

The latest snuff craze sweeping through America is not even that worrying; it’s just silly.

Chocolate can keep your brain in good working order — but don’t overindulge

Science at its tastiest.

We knew it! Coffee and cocoa cocktail boosts your attention and mood

Chocolate and coffee: it’s a match made in heaven!

Chocolate-inspired technique helps researchers develop better polymer shells

For centuries, chocolatiers have been trying to develop the perfect chocolate coating for bonbons, honing their skill to the point of artistic performance. But scientists believe they can take things even further.

Nestle’s cocoa linked to child slavery

The world’s largest food and water producer will be sued for allegations that it used child slaves to harvest cocoa beads in the Ivory Coast in Africa.

Science finds the most and least addictive foods

Scientists from the University of Michigan have found which are the most and least addictive foods in the world. They gathered data from 500 participants and found that the most addictive foods are (no surprise) pizza, ice cream and chocolate, while the least addictive ones are cucumbers, carrots, beans and rice.

Nutrients in chocolate improve memory in seniors

Scientists have found that cocoa flavanols, substances found in chocolate, and to a lesser extent in blueberries, red wine, parsley and black tea have a positive impact on the memory of elders. Flavonoids are a class of plant secondary metabolites. Flavonoids were referred to as Vitamin P until 1950, but the term fell out of favor. Though there is ongoing research into the

Drinking hot chocolate from an orange or creme colored cup makes it taste better

A group of researchers from Polytechnic University of Valencia and Oxford University asked study participants to sample hot chocolate contained in variously colored cups. Their results suggest that drinking hot chocolate and other similar brews from orange or creme colored containers enhances its flavor. The scientists asked the 57 participants to taste the same hot chocolate from four differently colored cups

2,500 year-old Mayan chocolate suggests it was used a as condiment, not just as a beverage

Anthropologists believe cacao beans and pods were mainly used in pre-Hispanic cultures as a beverage, a practice which can be traced traced as far as some 3,500 years ago . The resulting beverage would have been reserved for the Mayan elite. Now, a recent archeological find shows  traces of 2,500-year-old chocolate on a plate in Mexico’s Yucatán peninsula — suggesting it

Eat chocolate and you’ll be thinner – but only if you exercise

I love chocolate, and to be frank, I don’t really care if it goes directly to my hips or not, but millions of women and men all across the world believe differently. For them this study is godsend. A research letter published by the Archives of Internal Medicine showed that healthy people which exercise regularly and eat chocolate tend to

Aphrodisiac plants examined in new study

Aphrodisiacs  have been used to improvement sexual performance and desire for thousands of years now, but which of them are really effective or simple old waives’ tales? Researchers from University of Guelph claim they’ve conducted the most elaborate study to date as far as aphrodisiacs are concerned. “Aphrodisiacs have been used for thousands of years all around the world, but