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When talking about out neighbouring planets, the gravitational centre is so close to the Sun’s centre that we don’t even bother with it. Not even Saturn has a noticeable effect on its position in space. So, for all intents and purposes, we consider the centre of the Sun to be the point around which everything in our system orbits around.

Except Jupiter, Tech Insider reports.

Because of the sheer mass of the gas giant (Jupiter has two and a half times the mass of all other planets in the solar system combined) it’s centre of mass with the Sun is 1.07 solar radii outside the middle of the star. So the central point around which both Jupiter and the Sun orbit, the “barycenter” as it is known, lies 7 percent of the Sun’s radius above its surface. Both the Sun and Jupiter orbit around that point in space.

This gif NASA put together shows what I’m talking about.

This is, in essence, how Jupiter and the Sun move through space together – though the distances and sizes aren’t to scale. Jupiter is still only a fraction of the Sun’s size.