Astronomers observe exoplanet for the first time using optical interferometry

The novel method can reveal spicy new insights into the lives of planets orbiting stars far, far away.

Jupiter formed far from the sun and traveled closer during its early days

It also met a lot of asteroids it still hangs around with.

It Is Possible Jupiter Could Support Life, Scientists Say

The chances of it happening are pretty slim though.

Jupiter’s magnetic field is extremely bizarre, potentially due to unknown processes in its core

We have no idea why this happens — but we do have hypotheses.

Life may be teeming just inches beneath Europa’s frozen surface

An exciting new study entertains the possibility of alien life on Jupiter’s icy moon.

Twelve new moons discovered around Jupiter, pointing to a violent past

Jupiter can boast the most moons in the Solar System.

Juno images Jupiter’s dreamy clouds à la Van Gogh

A rare view of Jupiter’s tumultuous vortices.

How to “Weigh” Baby Planets

Weighing without using a scale.

The curious case of Jupiter’s lightning, solved by the Juno craft

Lightning bolts on Jupiter are both similar and completely different from those on Earth.

Astronomers find the first permanent “immigrant” in our solar system

I don’t think any wall can keep this guy out.

New NASA data reveals many of Jupiter’s hidden secrets

It’s a trove of valuable data, but we’re still just scratching the surface.

NASA shares unique time-lapse of Jupiter’s South Pole

A rare and beautiful view of Jupiter from a novel angle.

Jupiter’s Great Red Spot might disappear within 20 years

Jupiter’s emblematic feature might disappear in a decade or two.

Europa’s tectonics might be powered by salt, could sustain life on the moon

Different causes, same effect.

What are the moons of the solar system and how many are there

An overview of some of the most important natural satellites in our solar system. They’re quite a few.

NASA releases dazzling images of Jupiter’s Red Spot, makes them open for citizen scientists

It’s awesome, it’s very useful, and it’s open for everyone to use.

Jupiter is likely the oldest planet in the solar system

This fatty likely had a great influence on how other later planets formed in the early solar system, including Earth.

Jupiter now officially has 69 moons. There are likely more to be confirmed

The massive gas giant likely adopted the cosmic bodies when they came too close to Jupiter’s gravitational pull.

Latest results from Juno mission reveal massive surprises about Jupiter

Think you know Jupiter? Think again!

Jupiter has a massive cold spot as well

Jupiter’s Great Red spot has a new sister. Well… it’s not new, but we just found it.