Douglas fir forests are buckling under the heat, pausing their growth altogether

Silly trees, can’t they set the thermostat lower, like the rest of us?

Male dogs are becoming less fertile, and researchers believe it’s happening to us next


Newly developed nanomaterial looks like an anti-bacterial spike pit — but your cells can comfortably live on it

Named black silicon, the material literally stabs bacteria to death.

Only about half your friends actually consider you a friend

It’s not you, it’s them. Well, it’s you a bit, too.

Inmates who watch nature shows in prison are 26% less aggressive than their counterparts

In a world of cages and violence, a glimpse of nature can make a huge difference.

The Types of Fossils and Other Rock-solid Fossil Facts

Bones to stones.

Earth Overshoot Day is here, folks, a full five days earlier than last year

Don’t get your party hats out.

Venus could once have been a very welcoming planet, NASA study found

Now? Not so much.

NASA wants you to drive their Mars rover

The Red Planet at your fingertips. brings a blast from the past with three iconic 16-bit games updated for modern systems

Pick them up while they’re hot!

We’ve finally discovered how birds can sleep and fly at the same time without crashing

Frigatebirds spend weeks at a time flying over oceans in search for food — here’s how they sleep during this time.

A private company plans to land on the moon, but what will this precedent mean for space exploration?

Moon Express is going to the Moon — if we can solve the paperwork.

New measuring method shows that lightning can be as powerful as 20 cars hitting the earth at 60mph

Powerful enough to melt the ground where it lands.

Freeze ray vs flamethrower video gives me hope for surviving this summer

Might just be cold enough to make this weather livable.

Dissatisfied owner turns his pub into a Faraday Cage to save the English pub experience

Old fashioned socializing, powered by science.

A major difference between DNA and RNA could explain why one is the go-to blueprint for life

Keeping your genes in good condition is priority nr.1 for all life.

England’s 5 pence tax slashed 61,000 tonnes of plastic bag use per year

That adds up to….Let me do the math on this…..A whole lot of bags.

Facial reconstruction shows how British people looked like 3,700 years ago

Short, round skulls were the norm then.

The Brian Cox Effect – Or Making Science Cool Again

The Brian Cox effect sends us a clear message: we can make science attractive and it can work with great success – we just need the right perspective.

Music company just played a vinyl record 28,000 meters above the Earth

You could say they hit a high note.