First case of Zika transmitted through touch in Utah was a freak occurrence, paper finds

A lot of things worked together to allow infection via casual touch alone.

Three-parent baby’s birth sparks debate among scientists, public, and officials alike

So far, the baby girl is happy and healthy.

Bad news for cancer cells — your immune system immunity has been revoked

Scientists discovered how cancerous cells hide from immune system — and how to make them targets again.

Artificial synapse brings us one step closer to building a brain-like computer

Taking a cue from mother nature.

A WHO report says 92% of humans breathe dangerously polluted air

Canned air doesn’t seem like such a publicity stunt now, does it?

Ancient Chinese skeletons found in London could hint at unknown ancient community and trade

Archaeologists are still divided on what the finding actually means.

Geoscience Australia confirms — last night’s tremor caused by asteroid impact

Monday night, a meteor put on a big show above Queensland.

Mercury will join the Solar System’s “tectonically active” planet club

Scientists found several faults with its application.

Nat Geo showcases the beauty of nature, one picture at a time

Nat Geo’s Natural Photographer of the Year contest is in full swing — and it’s amazing.

China launches FAST, the largest radio-telescope in the world

Big country, big telescope.

Hydrogen-powered train to start making trips in Germany by the end of 2017

Ja, das ist Sehr gut!

Scientists develop a ridiculously cheap acoustic tractor beam

It can manipulate objects in complex patterns for only 10 bucks.

Mylan CEO Heather Bresch’s hearing on EpiPen was a complete disaster for the company

Congress was not happy with Bresch’s or the FDA’s answers.

The oceans are filled with song, and here’s a part of it

You could call it a flowing melody.

Californian start-up designs drone guards to keep an eye out on your stuff

The company says its drones will be available for lease sometime next year.

How to make your own cheap EpiPen for less than $35

While West Virginia is investigating EpiPen manufacturer Mylan for fraud, a biohacking group shows you can make a Pen at one tenth its current market price.

Centaurs break apart to get rings, astrophysicists now believe

Not big enough to capture material, the centaurs supply their own.

The Dutch Police will train bald eagles to hunt drones out of the sky

Eagles > Drones.

Russian police arrested a robot and here’s why I’m not Ok with that

Witnesses say the robot complied peacefully.

Browse the brain one cell at a time in the most detailed atlas ever made

And the Allen Brain Atlas is free to use. Hurray!