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AstroPictures of the day: Mind blowing pictures taken by Reid Wiseman from the ISS.


The people onboard the International Space Station have been spoiling us with a lot of amazing pictures – and this one is no exception. Here, we see Africa embracing its northern neighbor, the Mediterranean sea. Reid Wiseman (which you can also follow on Twitter) often posts mind blowing pictures, like the ones above and below. All pictures taken from his Twitter, with his captions.    ……

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Featured Researchers: This Week in Science


We talk a lot about science and research, but we don’t spend enough time talking about the people who actually do the research. In case you haven’t followed our previous feature, here is where we share some of the most interesting studies from the week, and share a bit of information about the scientists who made them. One third of fracking chemicals are of unknown toxicity Article Featured Researcher: William Stringfellow Affiliantion: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Research Interests: The major focus of his research is the study of environmental biokinetics (the study of movements of or within organisms).  In an open system, the state of the microbial community is determined by the physical…

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Stunning pictures of drugs under the microscope


Most people have a heart time putting into words what they experience when under the influence of some psychoactive drug – but Sarah Schönfeld decided to make this experience visual. The experiment was meant to transpose the change into another kind of sensory experience. The goal was observing the reaction of negative film to both legal and illegal combinations of substances to which it was exposed. Here are the results: SPEED - methamphetamine, C10H15N, it is a very powerful stimulant, chemically related to amphetamine, but with more severe side effects. It is a white, odorless, bitter-tasting powder that easily dissolves in water or alcohol. SPEED + MAGIC – the combination between methamphetamine and mephedrone also…

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Stunning paper art drawn with lasers


Eric Standley is an usual artist who makes some of the most dazzling Islamic and Gothic inspired art out there. However, hile the old masters used chisel and hammer, Standley uses lasers.  Eric’s work consists of successive layers of intricately cut paper sheets, which when assembled together turn into a piece that is a marvel to behold.  The result is so complex and detailed that the works should be examined from multiple perspectives to be fully appreciated. “The reverence for these structures seems to have to do with the infinite,” explains the artist. “It’s trying to project something that’s not even human.” Indeed, sampling some of his work one gets some of the…

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Eight planets and a dwarf in one

The eight planets of our solar system and one dwarf planet shown approximately to scale. Image: Lunar and Planetary Institute

This magnificent painting by  Steve Gildea combines the planets of our solar system in one beautiful planetary mosaic. It’s a celebration of the geological diversity our solar system possess, illustrating each planet’s surface in the order they orbit the sun, starting from the battered Mercury to lonely Pluto. Speaking of which, Pluto is of course no longer classed as a planet – it’s technically a dwarf planet, but Gildea couldn’t have known this in 1990 when he first revealed the piece. Of course, the painting was made to hold each planet in proportion. The image below shows how each planet differs in size from one another. Jupiter (69,911 km / 43,441…

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100 years ago, this telephone tower in Stockholm connected 5000 telephone lines


From 1887 – 1913 this amazing Telephone Tower served as the biggest telephone hub in Sweden’s capital, Stockholm. About 5000 telephone lines were connected here. The building was so admired that even after it was decommissioned in 1913 it still remained as a historic building, until it was destroyed by a fire 40 years later. In this amazing series of photos courtesy of Tekniska Museet, we get a glimpse at how the world was connected over a century ago. ……

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Rolling out ZME Q&A: Science Questions and Answers !


It’s time, ladies and gentlemen! We’ve been working on this idea for months, and now it’s finally here (though still in its early stages) – I’m talking about the ZME Science Questions and Answers section! Asking questions… ZME Questions and Answers (ZME Q&A) is a place where anyone (yes, YOU) can come and ask science-related questions; and I’m talking any field! From astrophysics to nanotechnology, from psychology to geology and everything in between – everything that you’ve ever been curious about – come and ask away! You can create a user, or simply log in with your Facebook – we won’t have access to ANY of your private data or…

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This object isn’t there. Your eyes are fooling you


How can something that’s there not be there? Well, as I’m sure you’ve figured it out already, it’s an optical illusion. These ones are the same too: Here are some pictures of the same images, from different angles: These designs were created by Felice Varini, a Swiss artist. His works appear to be three-dimensional from one angle, however, but are in fact well-placed and well-manipulated flat graphics painted onto flat surfaces. According to mathematics professor and art critic Joël Koskas, “A work of Varini is an anti-Mona Lisa.”      ……

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AstroPicture of the Day: The First Space Selfie, 1966


In a tweet last month, astronaut Buzz Aldrin informed us that he was the first to ever take a selfie – in outer space. The mission took place from November 11 and lasted 3 days, 22 hours and 34 minutes. The two-man crew included Aldrin and James Lovell Jr. That was Aldrin’s first space flight. Years after, both he and Lovell would be part of the first mission to the Moon, alongside Neil Armstrong, on 21 July 1969. So remember kids, selfies are really cool in outer space; on Earth… that’s a different story.  ……