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Hu Shaoming’s Mechanical Sculptures of Time and Civilization


Chinese sculptor Hu Shaoming uses steel components from everyday life: buttons, metal collars, handles, utensils and other random pieces to construct incredible pieces, like this mind blowing upside-down city entitled “Umbrella.” The mechanical seahorse we see here appears submerged in water, crowned by technology. There are over 2000 individual pieces of architecture in this work alone, through which Shaoming reflects on…

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Felix Salazar’s amazing pictures of aquarium corals


Felix Salazar is a very talented photographer currently working in Los Angeles. Among his favorite themes are corals, like these ones he photographed in salt water aquariums. The shocking variety of color almost makes it look like they’re enhanced in Photoshop, but Salazar ensures that his pictures are 100% real, no modifications. To me, this is yet another reminder that remarkable environments…

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Man descends 1200 ft to experience an active volcano and lava lake up close


Sam Cossman and George Kourounis teamed up with legendary volcanic pioneers Geoff Mackely and Brad Ambrose to become among the first explorers to step foot inside one of the worlds most dangerous and inaccessible volcanoes, Marum Crater. Ambrym is a volcanic island in Malampa Province in the archipelago of Vanuatu, well known for its lava lakes. It’s a large basaltic volcano with…

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Astronaut Alex Gerst Unveils Jaw-Dropping Earth Timelapse in Ultra HD


This mind-blowing HD animation was shot by ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst orbiting Earth on the International Space Station. The montage is actually a long sequence of still photographs taken at a resolution of 4256 x 2832 pixels at a rate of one every second. The film runs 25 times faster than reality did for the astronauts. Alexander Gerst is a member of…

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Hilarious stories from the doctors of reddit


In a lifetime of seeing thousands of patients, a doctor will hear all sorts of crazy stories and bizarre cases. A recent thread on reddit asked doctors from the community to share some of their wackiest stories and boy were there some. Here are just a few of them: Aaaaand some bonus stories without captioned images: “A woman came in for a…

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The Weird Wold of Parasitic Twins & Twin Chimerism

Illustration: Maggie Koerth-Baker , BoingBoing

So you perhaps thought that twins could be either identical or fraternal? But did you know that there are actually other types of twins besides these two mentioned? Of course, identical and fraternal twins are the ones we are more aware of because they are the ones we hear about most and are most likely to encounter. The chances of…

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10 Fantastic Animals That Use Bark Camouflage

Lichen Spider

When you’re high up in the food chain, nature can be truly awesome. You can stroll around, contemplate its hidden beauties, all without fear of getting eaten. Not all beings are as lucky as us humans, though. To survive, many animals have learned to adapt defense mechanisms, but most often than not the best way to avoid getting killed is…

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Amazing art made out of living cells


Cellular biology can be breathtakingly exciting. Just imaging peering through the absolute tiniest forms of life – a whole different universe in itself! Many times, in this cellular universe, you witness chaos, but here’s where Brazilian multidisciplinary artist Vik Muniz   and self-described “bacteria enthusiast” Tal Danino come in. The two paired and launched an ambitious and amazing project, in which…

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AstroPictures of the day: Mind blowing pictures taken by Reid Wiseman from the ISS.


The people onboard the International Space Station have been spoiling us with a lot of amazing pictures – and this one is no exception. Here, we see Africa embracing its northern neighbor, the Mediterranean sea. Reid Wiseman (which you can also follow on Twitter) often posts mind blowing pictures, like the ones above and below. All pictures taken from his…

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Featured Researchers: This Week in Science


We talk a lot about science and research, but we don’t spend enough time talking about the people who actually do the research. In case you haven’t followed our previous feature, here is where we share some of the most interesting studies from the week, and share a bit of information about the scientists who made them. One third of…