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Your Taste in Music Might Reveal How Dumb (or Smart) You Are


Virgil Griffith, a student at Caltech, embarked on a most interesting project to seek whether there’s any connection between the music you enjoy and, uhm, your intellectual abilities.  Griffith used aggregated Facebook data about the favorite bands among students of various colleges and plotted them against the average SAT scores at those schools. This allowed him to make a very rough…

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The Bizarre History of Mad Honey

mad honey

People have developed some strange ways of catching a buzz – from licking frogs to pouring vodka in your eye (seriously, don’t try this at home) – but few things are as sweet and crazy as mad honey. Mad honey has been harvested in Turkey for millennia and it’s been used as a sweetener, a drug, and even a weapon…

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At MIT’s self-assembly lab, materials turn to life


A highly fascinating and, surprisingly for some, practical new line of research is concerned with programmable materials; composites designed to become highly dynamic in form and function. When subjected to certain environmental ques, like temperature or pressure, these smart materials can morph and adapt to new conditions. MIT, for instance, is working with self-transforming carbon fiber, printed wood grain, custom textile…

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To protect itself, this Moth looks just like a Hornet

Photograph by Gyorgy Csoka.

Acting tougher than you really are is not uncommon in the natural world – but this moth has taken it to the next level. The Hornet Moth (Sesia apiformis) has evolved to mimic not only the look, but also the mannerisms of a real hornet. The Hornet Moth is a large moth with a wingspan of 33–48 mm. It has a…

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Planet Earth through the eyes of an Astronaut

On a clear day you can see forever (or at least form Havana to Washington, D.C.).

Col. Chris Hadfield is not your typical astronaut (as far as astronauts can be seen as typical). The first Canadian to walk into outer space, Hadfield caused sensation on social media channels on various occasions, be it after recording a song while surfing gravity in the ISS or when he showed us how to brush your teeth in micro gravity. He’s most popular posts…

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Featured Researchers: This Week in Science #40


We talk a lot about science and research, but we don’t spend enough time talking about the people who actually do the research. In case you haven’t followed our previous feature, here is where we share some of the most interesting studies from the week, and share a bit of information about the scientists who made them. Cancer may be…

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Solar Hourglass might power 1,000 Danish Homes while inspiring Climate Change Action


Every year, the Land Art Generator Initiative (LAGI) in Copenhagen welcomes renowned designers and engineers to submit designs that integrates renewable energy in harmony with citizens, nature, and the urban environment. This year’s winning entry is a fantastic solar power array that takes the form of a hourglass, unveiled by Argentina-based designer Santiago Muros Cortés. The project, if constructed, would power 1,000 Danish…

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Antivenom: how it’s made and why it’s so precious


Every year some 100,000 people die all over the world after being bitten by a venomous snake. Depending on the toxicity of the venom and how much venom is injected inside the body, a snakebite will cause  tingling, muscle weakness, nausea swallowing difficulties, excess saliva and potentially fatal breathing problems. To avoid getting killed, a snakebite victim must immediately go…

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Hero Rats detect landmines and TB for a living


Though its last war ended in 1975 once with the retreat of the last American forces, Vietnam is still riddled with land mines that take their toll even decades later. More than one-third of the land in six central Vietnamese provinces remains contaminated with land mines and unexploded bombs from the Vietnam War, and in the past 39 years since the…

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The Stinkiest Creatures in the Animal Kingdom

stinky animal, lesser anteater

[This article was written as a response to a question on our Q&A section. Feel free to check it out!] We’ve written several times about record holding animals – the largest animals, the masters of camouflage, and many other awesome creatures. But we’ve been a bit afraid to get our hands dirty and take a look at the smelliest animals in the…