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Check yourself (grammar wise) before you wreck yourself!


The Grammar Police can breathe a sigh of relief as the guys over at Pop Chart Lab have put together a poster to help them fight un-grammarness everywhere.

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This is how the Moon looks under the microscope!


The Apollo program returned 380.05 kg of lunar rocks and soil, and most of the samples are stored at the Lunar Sample Laboratory Facility. The samples of rocks, breccias, and regolith were polished into thin sections, allowing for optical geologic studies to be performed on them.

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The science of soap bubbles [with great pics]

The air trapped in a soap bubble is under compression. As the air escapes, the bubble would tend to shrink uniformly, but gravity drains the water from the top of the bubble. When the film becomes too thin to support the heavier lower portion, the bubble bursts. However, we all know that's not the most fun way to burst a bubble. Image via Imgur.

A soap bubble is a very thin sheet of water sandwiched between two layers of soap molecules. They are an evanescent childish wonder, but also hold some valuable mathematical and physical insights: let’s have a look at the science of soap bubbles. We see them as fun and childish, blowing them around in the summer, but there’s more to them than

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Meet Unsinkable Sam: The Cat that Survived Three Ships Sinking in WWII


The black and white cat was named Oscar and then became known as Unsinkable Sam started his “career” in the fleet of the Nazi regime, the Kriegsmarine, and ended it in the Royal Navy. He was onboard Bismarck, the HMS Cossack and the HMS Ark Royal, but here comes the cool part: the other thing that all those ships have in

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Japanese women are going bananas after this ridiculously handsome gorilla

shabani gorill

In the last couple of months, Japanese women flocked in unusual numbers to the Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens in Japan to see the main attraction in the flesh: a western lowland gorilla named Shabani. Apparently, the young Japanese women are going crazy after the gorilla’s alleged good looks.

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Google’s AI on LSD: what a robot’s dreams look like

What the heck is this? This just how a computer "dreams", of course. Image: Google Research

In his book “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep”, one of my favorite writers Philip K. Dick explores what sets apart humans from androids. The theme is more valid today than it ever was, considering the great leaps in artificial intelligence we’re seeing coming off major tech labs around the world, like Google’s. Take for instance how the company employs advanced artificial neural networks to zap through a gazillion images, interpret them and return the right one you’re looking for when you make a query using the search engine. Though nothing like a human brain, the networks uses 10-30 stacked layers of artificial neurons with each layer doing its job in incremental order to come to an “answer” by the final output layer is finished. While not dead-on, the network seems to return results better than anything we’ve seen before and as a by-product, it can also “dream.” These artificial dreams output some fascinating images to say the least, going from virtually nothing (white noise) to something’s that out of a surrealist painting. Who says computers can’t be creative?

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Don’t cry over spilled milk, photograph it! Night sky photography Saturday.


Since it’s Saturday and you folks should take it easy today, let’s take a break from the comings and goings of our busy planet and enjoy some wonderfully peaceful photographs of the night’s sky.

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Remarkably bizarre deep sea creatures – not a freak show

Artistic representation of an angler fish. Via CG Arena.

OK, I know, the internet is full of articles articles about freak creatures – “The most bizarre ocean creatures“, “Deep sea monsters“, etc – and I don’t like those articles. These creatures are not monsters, they are not freaks – they are remarkably adapted to an extremely unfriendly environment, with immense pressure, low temperatures and a lack of light. So maybe

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What if Disney princesses were dinosaurs?


Now there’s a question you don’t ask yourself every day – or ever, for that matter – what if Disney princesses were dinosaurs? Laura Cooper of the webcomic XP asked herself that question, and took it upon her to reimagine them as velociraptors. The results – you can see below.   I won’t tell you who the princesses are, but I’m sure

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Historical pistols: a WWII anatomy project


WWII was the largest conflict known to mankind, responsible for 50 to 80 million fatalities, involving most of the countries in the world. Historians are still fascinated by this tragic event to this day, as are the guys over at C and A Arsenal apparently. They conducted what they call a WWII Anatomy Project, posting images of the most used guns in the