Here’s how Skrillex’s music could help fight Zika and dengue fever

Dubstep seems to entertain mosquitoes, which become less interested in feeding on humans or having sex.

Miami launches bacteria-infected mosquitoes to fight Zika virus

If infected male mosquitoes mate with non-infected females, the eggs will not hatch.

New study shows how Zika might re-emerge and strike the United States

The US is certainly not safe from Zika.

Brazil says Zika epidemic is officially over

Although authorities are still on alert, the Zika epidemic seems to have backed off.

One in ten pregnant women infected with Zika in the US had babies with birth defects

The report confirms getting infected in the first trimester comes with the most risks.

First case of Zika transmitted through touch in Utah was a freak occurrence, paper finds

A lot of things worked together to allow infection via casual touch alone.

Miami Beach mosquitoes are carrying Zika, tests confirm

They’re a really tough species to fight.

Brain scans of Zika infected babies suggest the outbreak is worse than we thought

The full extent of Zika is far from being known.

Zika infection kills brain cells in the adult mouse brain — pandemic might be worse than thought

Zika got a whole lot scarier.

First human trials for a Zika vaccine to begin shortly

Things are rough with Zika nowadays, but scientists are now finally testing a vaccine.

The Zika virus might have reached the U.S., Florida governor warns

Should the virus get a foothold in southern Florida, containing it might become difficult, if not impossible.

Need to ward off pesky mosquitoes? Sleep with a chicken over your head

Believe it or not, there’s actual scientific proof backing this advice.

Penn engineers develop $2 portable Zika test

The $2 testing device, about the size of a soda can, does not require electricity or technical expertise to use.

Zika virus might cross from mother to fetus by hiding in immune cells

A massive breakthrough in the fight against the Zika virus was made by Emory University School of Medicine who recently report a possible mechanism for the viruses’ migration from mother to baby.

Rio Olympics could spark global health crisis

The 2016 Olympics in Rio are riddled with problems, one of them being a potentially global pandemic. Medical doctors are worried that the huge gathering could spark a massive Zika epidemic.

Will Zika Become the Next Ebola?

The virus, which was once a serious risk for expectant mothers in Brazil, may be well an “explosive pandemic” deserving of international attention from the World Health Organization (WHO).

Zika articles made open-source to accelerate research

Nature, the Lancet and many other medical publishers and researchers have announced that all Zika-related scientific articles will be published freely in the wake of the recent outbreak. “We announce that Nature journals will make all papers relating to Zika virus free to access until further notice,” a statement reads. “Nature journals will also now encourage authors who haven’t already deposited

Zika Virus spreads through South America: 2100 pregnant Colombians infected

A few days ago, the health minister in Colombia warned that the country is extremely vulnerable to the Zika virus that’s spreading like wildfire through South America. He was right, as it turns out. Over 2100 pregnant Colombian women are already infected, as Zika has already been confirmed in 23 countries and territories in the Americas – including the US. Zika

Almost 500 new cases of Zika-induced microcephaly reported in Brazil

The government has declared a state of emergency in the most affected areas while scientists are trying to figure out why so many babies are born with this often lethal condition.