The Wonderful World of Bacteriophages

These may be our hidden weapon against antibiotic resistance in the near future.

Along came Alongshan virus, a new tick-borne disease

Data so far suggests that the virus can cause severe illness.

Bacteria steal genetic material from predator viruses using Spam gene

This could help us keep dangerous viruses at bay.

Most detailed survey yet finds 200,000 species of viruses living in the oceans

There’s a lot of life in the oceans.

Cold plasma reactor neutralizes 99.9% of airborne viruses in new study

Breathe in deep — it’s safe.

Newly discovered virus turns amoeba into stone

Scientists have named it the Medusavirus.

Spaceflight activates dormant viruses like herpes

Add herpes and other viruses to the long list of health problems associated with space flight.

New software allows researchers to CATCH any known virus in a sample

“Tools like CATCH will help us and others detect outbreaks earlier and generate more data on pathogens that can be shared with the wider scientific and medical research communities,” the authors say.

Promising new vaccine technology might finally end HIV-AIDS

Get lost, deadly virus.

New U.S. Center to research how viruses can help us overcome drug resistance

If you can’t beat them — infect them!

Indiana’s health officials warn of West Nile virus spotted in mosquitoes in Elkhart, Carroll County

There’s no need to panic, no human cases have yet been reported.

International health coalition pledges up to $25 million for Nipah vaccine

Nipah has been claiming a lot of lives this week. The world is trying to make sure it won’t claim more.

Three confirmed, six suspected deaths from emerging Nipah virus in India

The WHO has previously placed this virus on its watchlist of pathogens with high “epidemic potential” and no known treatment.

NYC mice are crawling with antibiotic-resistant bacteria and viruses

‘These things are everywhere,’ said one researcher.

Scientists identify new Flu H1N2 from a mix of two other influenza viruses

The first case was reported in the Netherlands.

Far-ultraviolet lamps could eradicate airborne viruses in public spaces — with no risk to us

It can’t go through our skin, but it will wreck viruses and bacteria.

Billions of viruses are showering the planet’s surface in every moment

Virus rain.

Medieval mummy shows people have been infected with hepatitis B at least for centuries

The virus could have been infecting people for thousands of years.

Computer simulation identifies HIV Achilles Heel, offering new avenue for treatment

It also showcases how powerful computer simulations can be in fighting viruses.

Researchers hijack plant to produce polio vaccine

Anti-vaxxers finally have a natural option.