The ‘you may know me from’ meme is awesome for explaining your job

Hi, I’m a science communicator. You may know me from such greatest hits as…

The Twitter discussion around vapes is grand — and 70% filled with bots

Welcome to selling strategies, where ethics are made up and your health doesn’t matter!

Analysis of over 800 million tweets reveals how our thought patterns shift throughout the day

Who says social media never did any good?

Morally outraged tweets spread better, but largely stay within ‘red’ and ‘blue’ bubbles

A graph that speaks 1,000 words about how ideology is trapped in the same bubble on social media.

Spiders are just like cats: they too like chasing laser pointers

It’s better than Batman.

“Rogue” National Park Twitter Accounts Emerge After Trump Issues Media Ban

It all started when the official Twitter of the Badlands National Park in South Dakota started tweeting climate change facts.

Twitter to release all tweets for scientists: massive scientific tool, but also an ethical dilemma

Five hundred million tweets are tweeted each day – with so many details about the location, interests and behaviors of users, the tweets are a trove of useful information for scientists who might be, for example, looking to find patterns in human behaviors, checking out risk factors for health conditions and track the spread of infectious diseases. There are many potential

The world’s mood pattern graphed with twitter

Sociologists from Cornell University have scrambled through half a billion twits from the web to map out the way moods rise and fall for the populace in tandem, over time and across the world. The volume of data handled is what makes this study unique, as it allows for the proverbial ‘picking of the brain’ on a scale never before

The new Windows 7 Mango officially presented

The next generation of mobile OS from Microsoft  will improve communications, apps and access to the Internet, company officials say, at an event in New York City this week, where the company introduced a plethora of new features for its next Windows Phone 7 operating system. At the NYC event, Microsoft demonstrated some new features that will be part of

Twitter fails at delivering and spreading hard news

Twitter prides itself in connecting the world and sharing everybody’s thoughts from every corner of the world, especially when it comes to news. But is this really true, or is this just a branding and marketing stunt ? According to a study conducted by the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism, Twitter accounts for less than one percent

Fake ‘Cloud Girlfriend’ for rental will post on your facebook profile!

In 1985 Weird Science came out, a movie in which two highly geeky teens manage to create the woman of their dreams and bring her to life, much like a really hot Frankestein. Today, with less fiction in mind a new start-up called markets itself as a service which will assist you in creating the perfect virtual girlfriend, which

The Internet’s response to the Japanese earthquake and tsunami

In the wake of Japan’s most devastating recorded earthquake to date, the nation of the rising sun is still left in shock. Hundreds were killed, many more left homeless, countless financial damage and entire cities left with electricity – it might even get a heck of a lot worse. Another big issue is the telecom failure which makes phone communication

Google is ‘very proud’ of Wael Ghonim’s role in the Egyptian protests

As protests throughout the Islamic world continue to spread like wildfire, the ones in Egypt remain extremely interesting from a specific point of view, that of the internet. The internet played a very important role, especially social media; but that role couldn’t have been played if it weren’t for Google employee Wael Ghonim, head of marketing for the Middle East

NASA to Adopt “Space Internet” by 2011

Mike Massimino hit the news in May as the first to “Tweet” in space. He began “tweeting” under the name “Astro Mike” while training for the STS-125 mission to repair the Hubble Space Telescope. Soon nearly 250,000 people were following his Twitter feed. The reality is that Massimino probably wasn’t really “tweeting” at all, at least directly. Astronauts do not