If you’ve been paying attention to Twitter recently, you’ve probably noticed a new meme that pokes fun at some of the silly questions we get about our jobs — which happens a lot in science. It’s a reference to The Simpsons’ classic character Troy McClure, who would introduce himself along the lines of “Hi, I’m Troy McClure. You may know me from classic hits such as …”. As you’d expect from Twitter, they turned that into pure gold. Here’s an example:

My favorite, however, was the climate scientists — yes, we also get a lot of comments and emails like this.

Other academics were all over it.

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The meme caught on quickly, spreading like wildfire.

At the time of writing this, there are over 400 replies to Doug Priest’s tweet alone.

Here’s one that is bound to stir some spirits:

Hi, I’m a science communicator for ZME Science. You may know me from greatest hits including “Yes, this is based on research,” “We can’t teach the controversy,” and “Sorry, that’s not research, that’s a Google search.”