Honeybee clusters act as ‘super-organisms’ to keep everyone safe during bad weather

Intelligent behavior emerging from a group of relatively unintelligent organisms.

Anticipating stress makes you function worse throughout the day, even if nothing stressful happens

Waking up on the wrong side of the bead is a real thing.

Stress may be our hidden weapon against anxiety disorders, new research suggests

Silver linings!

How stress impairs our ability to learn and recall

This explains why some people fail exams despite having studied for it.

Smiles can both induce and reduce stress — it depends on how you wield it

Use this power for good!

Stress ruins memory, but you can outrun this effect

Stress and memory don’t mix very well.

Smelling your partner’s shirt will reduce stress, but a stranger’s will wind you up more

Smell seems to be the easiest way to hack a brain.

Exercising in a group rather than alone is a great way to handle stress, researchers reveal

Time to hit the gym!

Stress could be as harmful to your gut’s health as junk food

Stress can trigger changes in the bacterial colonies that occupy the gut, similarly to obesity.

Chronic cannabis use seems to “blunt” our stress reactivity, paper reports

That’s not necessarily a good thing, however.

Stress as a child may leave you unable to cope with stress and depression later on

Stress — it’s never good for you. But sometimes, it’s worse.

Pet dogs help kids feel less stressed, new study confirms

Get your kids a dog.

Higher emotional intelligence can make you more vulnerable to stress — if you’re a dude

We’re still not sure if it happens in women too.

Have more sex and leave stress at the office to improve your work life

Truth be told, sex improves most experiences.

Close relationships make handling stress easier

New research has found evidence of emotional burden sharing (also known as load sharing) between partners in a close relationship. The study, co-authored by Queen’s University PhD candidate Jessica Lougheed, found that a strong personal relationship can help ease stress when placed in difficult situations.

A Walk During Lunch Hours Boosts Mood and Reduces Stress

If you find it hard to focus, you’re feeling a lack of enthusiasm or simply are stressed, a walk during lunch hours might do wonders for you. A new study has found that just with a walk, you could fight all those issues.

Stress undermines empathic abilities in men but increases them in women, research claims

When males get more stressed, they tend to become more self centered, losing some of the ability to distinguish their own emotions and intentions from those of other people. For women the exact opposite is true. However, for you people who only read the first line and skim the rest: Women without stress were on average equally as egocentric as

Stressed parents more likely to foster obese children

A new study found that parent stress is linked to heightened weight gain in children. The causes of this aren’t very clear yet, however scientists advise interventions should focus on how to support families in challenging conditions. Researchers at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto studied data collected during the Children’s Health Study, one of the largest and most comprehensive investigations into the

Bra Sensors Could Monitor Overeating

Despite all the related problems which contribute to obesity such as stress , the main cause is… eating too much. Recent studies have shown that people tend to overeat when they are stressed out – often creating a negative cycle of eating more, gaining weight and then getting stressed out about gaining weight – especially during the holiday season with

Why are females better at coping with stress? Study suggests estrogen is the key

Society today is becoming ever stressed out it seems. According to a recent American Psychological Association poll, nearly a quarter of Americans confessed to currently feeling under “extreme stress,” however not all of us are as stressed under the same conditions. For instance, there’s a general consensus in the medical world that women are better at coping with stress than men,