Dogs mirror owners’ stress levels, new study says

Dogs are deeply empathetic creatures.

Duo of engineers are working on a kit to test your stress levels at home

Hands up if you think you’d get the maximum result!

Do stress balls really work?

You seem them in every corporate office but do these squishy foam balls actually relieve stress?

The Physical and Psychological Effects of Stress

Stress — we’re all familiar with it. Let’s have a detailed look at its effects.

Getting rid of debt might not only make you happier — but also smarter

In poverty, there is no room for error — and no room for risk.

Activating one gene in the brains of male mice helps reverse depression

Sorry ladies.

Stress might reduces fertility in women, but not in men

Couples looking to conceive might want to try some stress management first.

A third of Americans sleep less than six hours a night

It’s a growing trend that confirms Americans are getting very stressed.

Study finds risk of heart attacks rises nearly 40 percent on Christmas Eve

This is especially true among older or sicker people.

Being empathetic might put you at risk of relapsing as a coping mechanism

With great empathy comes great stress as well!

Widespread coral species shows unique adaptations against environmental changes

Pocillopora damicornis —¬†one of the most abundant and widespread reef-building corals in the world — may help us better understand how anthozoans deal with stress.

Being hungry really does sour your mood, research reveals

Turns out “I’m hangry” is a legitimate excuse after all.

Why Getting Married Might Just Save Your Life

There are plenty of jokes about how marriage will end your life — but the science says that the union is actually good for health.

Honeybee clusters act as ‘super-organisms’ to keep everyone safe during bad weather

Intelligent behavior emerging from a group of relatively unintelligent organisms.

Anticipating stress makes you function worse throughout the day, even if nothing stressful happens

Waking up on the wrong side of the bead is a real thing.

Stress may be our hidden weapon against anxiety disorders, new research suggests

Silver linings!

How stress impairs our ability to learn and recall

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Smiles can both induce and reduce stress — it depends on how you wield it

Use this power for good!

Stress ruins memory, but you can outrun this effect

Stress and memory don’t mix very well.

Smelling your partner’s shirt will reduce stress, but a stranger’s will wind you up more

Smell seems to be the easiest way to hack a brain.