Bronze-age Iberians included domesticated foxes and dogs in their burial practices

They say modern life is the best but I won’t be convinced till I have a pet fox myself.

Spain is poised to go fully-renewable by 2050

Está bien!

Portugal and Spain brace for record-breaking temperatures

I don’t wanna say it’s global warming, but it sure quacks like global warming.

Neandethals in Spain outlived their kin by thousands of years thanks to a big river and an Italian volcano

The research suggests that human interbreeding was more of a ‘step-by-step’ event.

Study documents accelerated climate change in Spanish mountains

Yet another piece of definitive evidence in the case of climate change.

Skin impression of one of the last dinosaurs found in Spain

Some 60 million years ago, one dinosaur laid down to rest — creating something unique in the whole of Europe.

It’s the Motherload: $17 Billion in Loot Found on Sunken Galleon off Colombian Coast

A ship missing for over 300 years has been rediscovered, according to Colombian authorities – a boat with an estimated $17 billion in loot. San José was a 60-gun, 3-masted galleon of the Spanish Navy. It was launched in 1698, and was sunk in the battle off the coast of Cartagena in 1708, during a succession war. The war was

Wind power was Spain’s top source of electricity in 2013 – CO2 emissions go down by 23%

It may be one heck of a coincidence, or it could be the fact that renewable energy causes a major drop in emissions – choose your pick. Remarkable new figures from Spain’s grid operator have revealed that greenhouse gas emissions from the country’s energy sector have fallen by approximately 23.1% last year, as wind and hidroelectric energy generation soared. Red

The oldest giant panda relative found in Spain

Paleontologists have come across the oldest fossils identified as a relative of the giant panda in Spain, dated from 12 million years ago. A highly peculiar find since this unique animals is native to central-western and south western China. The giant panda belongs to the order Carnivora, which is rather ironic since its highly specialized diet consists of 99% bamboo. As a

Carnivorous humpback dinosaur surprises paleontologists

About 125 million years ago, these hunchback dinosaurs roamed today’s central Spain, measuring approximately 6 meters and feasting off of smaller animals of all sorts. However, what’s really surprising about the dinosaurs is its “hump”, a body structure never before seen in dinosaurs. A recently exposed skeletal structure revealed some unique features that has researchers raising their shoulders. The most

In Madrid and Barcelona cocaine is in the air

It’s quite impossible not to be aware of the fact that someone is smoking marijuana somewhere around you because of its particular smell. However, who would have suspected that the air people breathe in a certain area of a city could in fact hide traces of 5 powerful drugs in it? This is what researchers discovered when they analyzed the