Archaeologists find oldest intact shipwreck — 2,400 years, in the Black Sea

It’s absolutely amazing.

Novel nanocomposite material might prevent shipwrecks from rotting

The technique is being trialed on the English warship Mary Rose.

‘Holy Grail’ of shipwrecks discovered, carries up to $17 billion in gold, silver, emeralds

Boy oh boy, the Spanish must’ve been furious when they lost this ship.

340-Year-Old Cheese Recovered From Shipwreck: ‘We think it’s cheese’

It’s perhaps the stinkiest cheese in the world right now, after molding at the bottom of a shipwreck for centuries.

Scientists taste 170 year old shipwrecked beer

Scientists in Finland have been keeping themselves busy testing two different beers… for science, of course. These are not just your average beers though – they’re almost two centuries old, recovered by divers exploring a 1840s shipwreck in the Baltic Sea back in 2010.

Shipwreck site points to an ancient roman battle

During the year 241 B.C., the play was set for the big game. The players were the relatively young and ascending Roman Republic and the old declining Carthage empire; the stake was high as well: domination around the Mediterranean sea, in a series of conflicts called the Punic Wars. The remains of an ancient sunken warship found confirms the a