Ancient pottery portrays perilous path for agriculture under climate change

Don’t scrub your pots too hard — you’re destroying precious climate evidence!

Sheep can recognize human faces, new study demonstrates

Sheep may be much smarter than we give them credit for.

Dolly sheep clones show no long-term health issues

Despite concerns, these clones have lived long and healthy lives.

How one single sheepdog herds a flock of one hundred – mystery solved

Researchers at Swansea University, UK and Uppsala University in Sweden built a mathematical model that explains how one single sheepdog can round up herds made of up to 100 sheep. Their conclusion suggests that the dog needs only to follow two simple mathematical rules.

Will a sheep’s wool grow ‘forever’? Apparently, yes.

This is quite possibly the woolliest sheep in history, Shrek the sheep. He was found in this condition in 2004, in the very land of sheep – New Zealand – after escaping the annual spring shedding for six consecutive years. If you ever wondered what a really woolly sheep might look like, here you have it. This begets a different

North American natives used to make fabrics out of dog hair

Dogs have a long history alongside humans, as faithful companions. Besides friendship, however, canines offered humans also the means to keep warm and stylish alike, as their hair was used to manufacture fabrics from cloth to carpets, a practice particular to the North American residents off the Pacific coast. The fact is highly debatable, but researchers from York University claim

How global warming made Scotland’s sheep shrink

Each of us can easily feel the effects of global warming especially now when we practically melt in our homes. However, it seems that there are some more… peculiar effects. Scientists have discovered that a wild species of sheep from the island of St. Kilda has begun to reduce their size as a result of the changing climate. The Soay