World’s largest aircraft flies for the first time

The huge aircraft is designed to send rockets to a high enough altitude from where they can then power themselves into space.

Scientists create a Bose-Einstein condensate in space for the first time

That’s just colored water in the picture.

SpaceX to test the world’s most powerful operational rocket, the Falcon Heavy, later today

This is what Elon Musk hopes will put men on Mars.

SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy — the most powerful rocket in the world — is nearly ready

Heavy metal in space.

Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin unveils new heavy-duty rocket design meant to sweep contracts away from SpaceX

Should Elon Musk be worried?

SpaceX rocket explodes during satellite launch

SpaceX has suffered a serious setback after one of its rockets, carrying a $200 million communications satellite, exploded yesterday.

Hypersonic rocket reaches Mach 7.5 — that’s Sydney to London in 2 hours

A joint venture between US Department of Defense and Australian Defence Science and Technology Organization launched a rocket to a mind-boggling Mach 7.5. That’s a speed seven and half times faster than the speed of sound or 5,710 mph (9,200 kmph).

SpaceX misses rocket landing by a hair’s breath – Dragon successfully launched, though

Today, SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket blasted off Florida’s Cape Canaveral Air Force Station at 4:10 p.m. EDT (2010 GMT) carrying the Dragon capsule to orbit, on slate for its rendezvous with the International Space Station where it’s tasked with a resupply mission. Instead of dropping in the ocean like the gazillion other rockets before it, the first stage of Falcon was programmed to make a controlled landing on a “autonomous spaceport drone ship.” The rocket did land on the spaceport, which is amazing in itself, but unfortunately it flipped over post landing and was damaged beyond repair. So, just almost!

ESA members meet to approve Ariane rocket in light of SpaceX competition

Tuesday morning, ministers from each of the 20 nations involves in the European Space Agency will meet to decide how they should fund their next missions. The plan is to come to terms with developing a much sought after upgraded version of the Ariane rocket, which services satellite launches – the bread and butter of the ESA. Across the ocean, rivaling

Will the world’s strongest brakes stop the Bloodhound after it tops the 1,000MPH land record?

The current world land speed record stands at 763.035 mph, as set in October 1997 by British Royal Air Force pilot Andy Green driving the jet-powered Thrust SSC. Green is looking to break his own record and has a new team and a new car behind him, however, called Bloodhound SSC. Green wants to top his own record, and he’s

It really is rocket science, North Korea. In the wake of the nation’s failed launch

The whole world had its eyes on North Korea yesterday, when the nation proceeded on its third attempt to launch an object into space, this time a weather satellite, despite intense political pressure against such action due to concern of it actually being a covert long-range missile test and numerous U.N. treaty violations. Like North Korea’s past attempts, the Unha-3

Huge military US rocket launched into space

It’s not hard to think what the purpose of the ‘Eavesdropper’ is; this mammoth of the US National Reconnaissance Office (portraied below) has launched what is officially the biggest satellite ever sent into uter space. It has a military purpose, but there really are no surprises here. The spacecraft was put into orbit on a Delta-4 Heavy rocket from Cape

Strange sky spiral freaks out Norway

It was Thursday night when locals from Norway started to notice a strange, rotating light that just baffled them. It was visible long enough to be seen, photographed and recorded by half of country. The blue light seemed to appear from behind the top of a mountain; it rose, began to spin, then began to circulate. Naturally, as it became