Oldest feather does not belong to Archaeopteryx

Archaeopteryx remains a key link in dinosaur-bird evolution, but maybe it wasn’t all that unique.

Jurassic-era mammalian relative found with 38 of its babies’ skulls

Although this mammalian forerunner still reproduced like a reptile, the fossils shed much light on our own evolution.

Why do snakes flick their tongues?

It’s probably not what you think it is.

Scientists play classical music to fancy crocodiles, then scan their brains

These have got to be the most cultured crocs.

Permian lizard detached tail to escape predators, a trait still found in modern lizards

It took more than a hundred million years before lizards re-evolved this feature.

10 of the Weirdest Prehistoric Creatures

Eons ago, many millennia before written history, bizarre animals roamed the Earth.

Scientists discover new iguana species in Fiji island

Pacific iguanas are currently under great threat, especially due to invasive species.

Warm-bloodedness shown to be millions of years older than we thought — maybe as old as the dinosaurs

The case for dinosaur warm bloodedness keeps getting stronger.

The Crocodilian Revolution: amazing myths and facts about crocodiles

From Herodotus two thousand years ago to school textbooks of the 1990s, people have called crocodilians not just lazy, but stupid. This is completely untrue!

First biofluorescent reptile found is a ‘glowing’ neon red turtle

“Hey, what did you find” “We found a bio-florescent turtle!”, a researcher triumphantly declared. David Gruber, a biologist at City University of New York, and colleagues made the find while diving in the Solomon Islands this July. Previously, researchers have found ever growing evidence of bio-luminescence and bio-fluorescence in the animal kingdom, from coral to seahorses, but this was the first time anyone has laid sight on a glowing reptile.

Scientists find the earliest creature to stand tall on four legs

About 260 million years ago, this pre-reptile might not have looked like much. With its knobby face and about as big as a cow, Bunostegos akokanensis was actually pretty remarkable. According to a new analysis, it was actually the first creature to walk upright on all four legs, maintaining a fully erect gate.

Ancient flying reptile was a cross between dragon and pelican

Paleontologists have discovered a new pterosaur species in 120-million-year-old rocks at two sites in northeastern China.  The flying reptile was dubbed Ikrandraco avatar, where draco is Latin for “dragon,” and Ikran are the pterosaurlike flying beasts depicted in the 2009 blockbuster Avatar. The ancient reptile was described in paper published in the journal Scientific Reports as having a deep lower jaw with a a thin,

Crocodilians use sticks to attract prey

Two distinct groups of crocodilians have been reported to use tools for hunting They balance sticks on their snouts, baiting birds who want to use the sticks for nests Crocodiles actively search for the sticks (which are usually rare) and do this more often during the birds’ mating season It’s been known for quite a while that the usage of

World’s oldest tootache revealed in ancient reptile fossils

Paleontologists turned into dentists after an examination of the fossilized jaw of a reptile from the Paleozoic era revealed what’s considered to be the world’s oldest tootache. Dated back 275 million years ago, the Oklahoma found Labidosaurus hamatus must have had some serious issues with its sugar tooth, as researchers  observed missing teeth and  eroded bones in its jaw, which

The amazing Tuatara

The tuatara is not an iguana, it’s not a lizard, and it is very, very different than any other reptile alive today on Earth. In fact, recent studies suggest that it’s pretty different from any other vertebrate. It’s home is in New Zealand, which is known for eccentric life forms of all kinds: the kiwi, with long whiskers and feathers