In April, the US used more renewable energy than coal

Good news, but let’s not get over-excited by this.

For the first time, renewable energy generated more electricity than coal in the United States

The dawn of a new era!

Greenland ice is melting 6 times faster than in the 1980s

Requiem for an ice sheet.

Germany shuts down its last black coal mine, ending almost 200 years of history

But coal isn’t done yet in Germany. Quite far from it…

Australia opens first off-the-grid, solar-powered classroom, using Tesla battery

It’s still early days, but this is a promising technology.

Decentralized micro-grids could be the next big thing for renewable energy

Is this what the future will look like?

California is generating so much renewable energy, it’s about to take a break

California’s green policy is so successful it needs to slow down for a bit.

Sweden to reach its 2030 renewable energy target by the end of 2018

We need as many of these stories as we can get.

Wind power could be harvested on Mars — and this might be a game changer

This could be a game changer.

In a warming world, air conditioning only makes things worse

Researchers also propose a solution: switching to clean energy.

The UK just went 55 hours without using any coal

Great news from the Brits.

“Algae forestry” could take CO2 straight out of the air and put it on your plate

More food, less emissions… but it’s all about the money.

Silently, Portugal just produced 100% of its electricity from renewables for a whole month

Good news from Portugal!

Storing solar energy: Researchers pave the way for artificial photosynthesis

This could be big for solar energy.

Chile to start phase-out of coal

Chile is the latest country to announce a coal phase-out.

30% of the European Union’s electricity came from renewables in 2017

These are encouraging news, but everything is not rosy in Europe.

France will shut down its coal plants by 2021, two years earlier than initially planned

Say ‘non’ to coal!

New Zealand’s prime minister wants to go fully renewable by 2035

New Zealand is one of the greenest countries on the planet, but they still have a lot of work to do.

Scotland’s wind turbines are getting better and better

Bravo, Scotland!

New record: on Monday, 20% of Europe’s energy came from wind

Gone with the wind.