How the microwave oven was made from WWII radar tech

WWII radar technology unexpectedly and inadvertently led to the invention of one of the most widely used home appliance in the world.

What Can Quartz Crystals Really Do?

Quartz is cherished for its properties, but I’m not talking about magic.

New 3D Radar mapping system could revolutionize rescue missions

Capable of mapping environments in 3D and distinguishing between materials, it could help save a lot of lives.

Radar-suppression meta-skin could be the first step towards an invisibility cloak

Iowa State University engineers have created a flexible, tunable “meta-skin,” a material that uses rows of liquid-metal devices to cloak an object from radar detection.

NASA saves 4 men trapped in rubble in Nepal by their heartbeats

A few years ago, NASA unveiled one of the most interesting technologies I’ve seen recently – a portable radar unit based on technology used to detect alien life on other planets. Now, the first time this technology has been used in the field, it managed to find 4 people buried under meters of rubble, by detecting their heartbeat.

Most detailed Map of the Seafloor yet exposes Thousands of New Mountains

The Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego has released a new map of the world’s seafloor – the first in nearly 20 years – which exposes new terrain, including thousands of mountains. The unprecedented detail was attained using radar satellites that captures gravity measurements of the ocean seafloor. Armed with this more precise understanding of what lies beneath the world’s

Weird cloud picked up on radar was actually Monarch Butterflies

Radars picked up a “strange cloud” with a bizarre shape above the US Midwest. Upon a closer look, it was revealed that the cloud was actually monarch butterflies traveling from Canada to Mexico – an iconic migration which has been less and less visible in recent years, but may make a resurgence in 2014. Monarch butterflies are the most iconic butterfly

Dolphin-inspired radar system could aid in rescue operations

Miners trapped inside a mine following a collapsing tunnel or skiers covered in deadly snow after an avalanche might be found and rescued in the future by search teams using an improved form of radar device inspired by dolphin echolocation. The resulting radar can track things more accuracy and at a greater speed than conventional radar. Timothy Leighton of the University

Is there such a thing as unjammable radar? Quantum imaging radar seems so

Detecting a potential threat before it occurs is the first step to preventing any aggression. In today’s wars, the scales favor the party that controls the air. Dominate the battle in the air, and you’ll dominate the battlefield ground side as well. It’s no secret to anyone that impressive aircraft detection systems have been developed and deployed in the years

Radar images of an asteroid during its closest flyby

Between Oct. 28 and Oct. 30, NASA‘s Deep Space Network antenna in California was directed on “2007 PA8“, a one mile wide asteroid. In these few days the asteroid came the closest it will ever get to Earth in 200 years, which was still a few million miles away. Nevertheless, NASA released composite images of the radar survey, allowing us

Wall-penetrating radar renders real time video of what’s going on behind it

A common SciFi theme we often see in movies is that of extravagant covert ops equipment, like a device which can see through a building and see whatever the enemy is doing inside, eventually convenianetly imagined like ambulant skeletons running around with machine guns. Researchers from MIT have managed to bring such a device to the real world, after they