Astronauts on the International Space Station will grow probiotic-rich broccoli

The return of the space veggies.

Probiotics and breastfeeding help fight antibiotic resistance in children, study suggests

Results are promising, but keep in mind that the benefits of probiotics are oversold and exaggerated.

New evidence suggests that probiotics are good for the liver

Many of the alleged benefits of probiotics have not been proven, but scientists are finding some promise.

Taking fish oil and probiotics during pregnancy may reduce food allergies

Researchers suggest these findings need to be considered when updating guidelines for pregnant women.

Finally, a large-scale probiotics trial is successful — it combats infant sepsis

It’s one of the few major trials that actually reported success.

Do probiotics actually work? Let’s hear what the science says

There’s little evidence probiotics helps you medically.

Mice live longer after receiving probiotic supplement

Chronic inflammation of the colon has been recognized as a leading factor contributing to senescence and age-related diseases. Previously, scientists identified polyamines (PAs) levels, which are aliphatic low- molecular compounds, as being linked with systemic inflammation. The more PAs you have, the healthier your gut. But as we age, PAs levels fall and intestinal barrier dysfunction may occur. To test how significant is this contribution, researchers from Japan fed mice with probiotic supplements than compared them to a control. They found the mice lived longer, suggesting “ingestion of specific probiotics may be an easy approach for improving intestinal health and increasing lifespan.”

Psychobiotic germs could be the next game changer in psychiatry and recreational drug use alike

An estimate 20% of Americans use some of form of psychotropic medication, amounting to a $34 billion industry. Desperate to ease their problems away with one magic pill, people are flocking in pharmacies to take their regular hits of Prozac, Valium or Vicodin. In the future, however, a new class of drugs may enter the market – drugs that are