Penguins find unattended camera, snap a fabulous selfie

It’s one of the coolest selfies out there — it was made in Antarctica.

Ancient man-sized penguin found in New Zealand beach

It was a big one.

Complete wipeout: Just two penguin chicks survive from a colony of 40,000

Researchers are now trying to establish a protected area for the colony.

Scientists want you to look at photos of penguins. Yes, really

Antarctic researchers are in need of help – specifically, they need people to study photos of penguins to help them understand how the birds are dealing with climate change.

Penguins Have Pretty Bad Taste, Genetic Study Shows

Penguins have lost most of their sense of taste – they can’t detect the savory taste of the fish they eat, and they also can’t enjoy fruits or sugar. For penguins, food come in two tastes: salty and sour.

Meet an awesome blonde penguin

Seafarers on a 2012 National Geographic-Lindblad expedition to Antarctica found this amazing and rare “blond” penguin on a colony on Aitcho Island. < The penguin actually suffers from a condition called isabellinism or leucism – not albinism.Though technically separate conditions, isabellinism and leucism are used interchangeably In albinism, there is a complete or partial lack of the skin pigment called melanin

Why penguins can’t fly: you can’t be good at two things at once

Penguins are remarkable animals that have always garnered attention. For one they’re extremely cute (always an advantage in a world where humans are at the absolute top of the food chain), then they’re extremely fascinating to study. If you’re to closely look at the wings of a penguin, intuition would immediately tell you that these robust birds have no chance

Penguins are egotistical, mathematical simulation shows

There’s a rather common image that might pop inside someone’s head when thinking of penguins – an entire flock of such animals, standing very close together, keeping themselves warm as they confront extreme sub-zero antarctic temperatures. Don’t be fooled, though. According to the results of a mathematical simulation that modeled penguin huddling, the penguins stick together to keep themselves warm,

Climate change causes penguin colonies to decline by a THIRD

Researchers from the Natural History Museum in Madrid counted chinstrap penguins in Antarctica’s South Shetland Islands in 1991-1992 and again in 2008-2009. They discovered a frightening decline in penguin population in the area, with one species culled by more than a third. The most affected species at hand is the chinstrap penguin, named so after the black strip of feathers that runs across

Naked penguin chicks amaze scientists

In the last couple of years researchers have been confronted with a peculiar case in the Atlantic penguin colonies as an increased number of penguin chicks have been found to be suffering from what seems to be a feather loss causing disorder. Scientists have been studying the phenomena for a few years now, but have yet to come to a

The emperor: major penguin colony disappears

It’s another bad omen for life on Earth, as a colony of imperial penguins from the Antarctica peninsula has disappeared, probably due to the warming of ice caused by global warming. It was expected that penguins would greatly suffer from the warming, but this is the first documented case ever of the disappearance of a colony. First of all, let