Scottish woman who feels no pain and heals without scars might help create novel painkillers

Life without pain comes with its own problems. But a drug that temporarily shuts down pain — well that would be very useful.

Fentanyl is now the deadliest drug in America

Just a few grains of the substance can kill.

FDA says seriously, stop stealing your pets’ opioids

Apparently, this is a problem.

Marijuana legalization helps decrease opioid consumption, research shows

In states where both recreational and medical marijuana was legalized, opioid prescriptions dropped about 14%.

Microglia activity makes morphine less effective as a painkiller for women


A sea-snail’s venom could rival opioids in pain relief capability

Its venom is so powerful it can kill pain! Whoa.

Scientists make new opioid painkiller, without the nasty side effects

They started from scratch, using computational techniques to explore more than four trillion different chemical interactions.

This is an ibuprofen patch that relieves pain 12 hours straight

Researchers at the University of Warwick in the UK, in collaboration with drug delivery research firm Medherant, devised the first ever ibuprofen patch.

Centipede venom could hold the secret of the perfect painkiller

Chinese researchers discovered a chemical compound that works just as well as morphine — without any of the negative side effects. The substance is derived from the venom of a centipede native to China. The discovery has huge medical applications, and could potentially reduce the country’s military reliance on morphine for battlefield use.

Prescription painkillers cause 67.8% of opioid overdoses. Heroin a distant second at 16.1%

An American national study that looked at hospital emergency department visits for opioid overdoses found that 67.8% of the cases involved overdosing on prescription opioid drugs, including methadone. Next in line were heroin, other unspecified opioids and multiple opioids. It’s estimated that the treatment costs for the hospitalized overdosed patients in 2010 alone was $2.3 billion. Prescription drugs cause four times more opioid

An analgesic molecule discovered in its natural state in Africa

Nauclea latifolia (also know as the pin cushion tree) is a small shrub, relatively common, used in traditional medicine throughout the sub-Saharan regions. Of course, African traditional medicine is not often your first choice when it comes to a treatment, but what if I told you that this plant produces large quantities of molecules – identical to those found in

How a girl that doesn’t feel pain at all might help create the painkillers of tomorrow

Some people are born with the innate ability, or better said disability, of not feeling pain – whatsoever. It’s not that they can’t feel anything, quite on the contrary – they still have a sense of texture, they feel pressure, they can feel a hug or handshake just like anyone, they experience warmth or coldness and so on – it’s

Painkiller addictions are the worst drug epidemic in US history

Fatal overdoses due to painkillers have reached epidemic levels, greatly exceeding those from heroin and cocaine combined, becoming the worst drug epidemic in US history. Prescriptions for painkillers in the United States have nearly tripled in the past two decades, and the results are dreadful. In 2012, enough painkillers were prescribed to keep every single citizen medicated around the clock

Powerful new painkiller with no side effects could be just one year away

Unfortunately, pretty much every human being with access to medical care has taken some sort of painkillers at some point – unfortunately because of the reason; but painkillers don’t make the pain signal go away. What happens is the signal still goes to the brain, but the opiates such as morphine alter the way the brain “understands” it, and as