Bonobo mothers help their sons get dates — it makes them 3x as likely to become fathers

Just let me get Tinder like everybody else, Mom. Sheesh.

Orangutans don’t use tools instinctively — they actually think about what they’re doing

Give an orangutan a banana and you’ll feed him for a day. Give him a stick and he’ll poke bananas for a lifetime.

Orangutan numbers continue to decline — despite optimistic government report

There is little reason for optimism here — but conservation efforts can still make a difference.

Borneo has lost nearly 150,000 orangutans since 1999

They’re resilient and they can make a recovery, if we just cut down on the palm oil.

Scientists discover third Orangutan species. It’s already threatened with extinction

We just enlarged the great ape family. But there’s also bad news.

Tinder-like app for orangutans lets females in zoos chose who they mate with

Swipe, swipe, swipe, banana.

Orangutans can tell if a drink tastes good or bad just by looking at it — once thought a ‘human thing’

They’re more than the simple animals we consider them to be.

Borneo orangutan and two shark species hit extinction ‘red list’

It is alarming to see such emblematic species slide towards extinction

Ancient shoulders point to our ape past

A new study shows that evolution’s burden is distinctly visible on our shoulders – literally. Our shoulders are surprisingly similar to those of orangutans, as opposed to those of our closest relatives, chimp. This may have an important significance on our evolution.

The ugly truth behind the ‘cute’ video of the orangutan and tiger cubs

Social media was ecstatic – just look at this video of an orangutan bottle-feeding a tiger cub. Tens of millions of people tuned in to watch this “cuteness overload”… but the truth behind this is not cute at all. It’s actually quite saddening. We’ll discuss why, after the video.

A wild-born orangutan has learned to communicate like a human

A female orangutan born in the wild has learned to use her tongue to whistle and produce vowel sounds just like a human – suggesting that all giant apes are able to do so. Although orangutans are known to create diverse vocalisations, what Tilda can do is unique.

P&G is driving massive deforestation and an orangutan graveyard in Indonesia

A year long investigation by Greenpeace reveals grim palm oil harvesting practices in Indonesia, where suppliers are currently engaging in massive deforestation, which severely threaten the already endangered Sumatran tigers and orangutans, shady PR tactics and intentionally lighting up forest fires. Among the findings is a horrific graveyard where  the buried remains of several orangutans were discovered just outside the land