These tributes to the Opportunity rover will break your heart

Goodnight, sweet prince…

Rumors of Opportunity’s death “very premature”, despite three-weeks silence

Hang in there, buddy!

Mars’ huge dust storm is now a “global” storm

Yarrr, there be a storm a’brewing!

Opportunity braves the worst sand storm it’s ever faced, might not make it

Come on Mars, why you gotta be like this?

NASA rover will investigate liquid-carved gully on Mars

The little rover that could.

Curiosity day – Curiosity’s size compared to other rovers

Curiosity has landed. The Mars Science Laboratory is set to go, and today, we’ll be writing tons of posts about it: videos, pics, facts, etc – given that it is, without a doubt the most important accomplishment of the year in space exploration. Unlike Spirit and Opportunity, Curiosity doesn’t use solar panels as an energy source, but instead, relies on

A short guide to NASA’s Curiosity equipment and lingo

With the Mars rover Curiosity due to land this weekend, it can be a real drag following NASA’s everyday lingo, which sometimes seems to resemble Martian more than English. Processes have nicknames, parts have nicknames or acronyms, and if you want to know if MSL will nail the EDL for example, you have to learn the talk. Even NASA’s engineers

NASA Opportunity Rover finds traces of flowing water on Mars

NASA’s famous rover, Opportunity, seems to have stumbled upon clear evidence that water used to flow on Mars, a long long time ago. Opportunity was prowling around the Meridiani Planum on Mars, looking at hematite (an iron oxide) when it stumbled upon something which delighted researchers: gypsum. Why is this vein of gypsum so important ? Because this vein could

NASA’s big rover on its long way to Mars

Following an absolutely perfect launch with no apparent problems whatsoever, NASA’s Curiosity rover has started its long way towards the Red Planet. Curiosity and Mars The car-sized rover blasted off Saturday at 10:02 a.m. ET from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and separated from the rocket right on schedule, 45 minutes later. The pinnacle of technology in spatial rovers, Curiosity

NASA Curiosity Mars Rover will pave the way for the search for life

After a two year delay, almost a decade of planning, and several budget overruns, NASA’s proudest rover, Curiosity, is finally good to go. The car sized vehicle is twice as big and holds twice as much instruments as its predecessors, including a drill that will allow it to bore deep into the red planet’s rocks. Curiosity, the center of NASA’s

NASA Mars Rover gets smarter as it ages

NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity is already in its 7th year on Mars, and over the years it provided some quite useful information; researchers from NASA have been constantly working on ways to improve and optimize it by constantly uploading new software. Such is the case with the software they applied this winter, which makes it able to make its